Title: Despicable Me 2

Year: 2013

Genre:  Animated |Adventure | Comedy |

Runtime: 98 min

Directors:  Pierre Louis Padang Coffin, Chris Renaud

Starring: Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Benjamin Bratt

imdb_46x22 7,3/10

When Gru, the world’s most super-bad turned super-dad has been recruited by a team of officials to stop lethal muscle and a host of Gru’s own, He has to fight back with new gadgetry, cars, and more minion madness.


The sequel to the great success of 2010 is here and it is really entertaining in every way, especially when the little yellow characters enter. We are again visiting that city where Gru lives with his adopted girls, from the last film. At Agnes’ birthday party, one of the children’s mother wants to introduce a woman Gru is going to date. The girls also want him to go out and move, but when a majority of minions start disappearing without a trace, one by one thing begins to happen in the city.

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Gru is contacted by an agent who leads him to a central deep down underground where the Anti-Villain League is located. He is therefore asked for help in capturing the worst villain in the city. The focus varies a lot. One minute Gru and his agent partner will find out the villain, and in the second moment, Gru will be nice and go on a date. Margo goes on a date with a boy, Edith gets tougher and Agnes becomes the spoiled frightened character. It’s the same social city, the same characters with new elements. There are new gadgets but the story is reminiscent of previous films in this genre.  The script works and it’s entertaining. The special effects do their bit and the favourite is a promo that is in the credits where the Minions are funny as usual.

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After the success of the minions, a lot of focus is on them. The main villain feels a bit pale but it goes on, but the previous movie was a little better. Now you just have to wait for Minions, the third film, which will be released in December 2014. Entertaining is it, from when the titles before the film and when the names of the participants roll up, it rarely gets tedious. See it, you won’t regret it!


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