Column: Time to f*cking wake up, Hollywood!


It is hardly any news that Hollywood has a lack of ideas with and new concept. It is Remakes, Reboots and prequel and Sequels recently often now.

For those who are not familiar with this, Remakes – A film’s story is remade with the same narrative but new angles of perspective. Reboots is when a franchise restarts, an example is George Miller, who has now Rebooted Mad Max Trilogy. This year came a fourth film in the same series and with Tom Hardy in the lead role. Prequels Treats anything that happened before the original films, one example being George Lucas-Star Wars films 1999 onwards. Sequel is simply sequel and it is well the most common.

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Or you do as Marvel and DC Comics and release at least ten films within each universe five years ahead and which means that it will be about 2 films a year. The fans of these comic book companies are of course also happy that these companies are making films about one film per character.

The time that Hollywood had when it was glamorous to be a film actor or director is probably over, sadly. And I mean Hitchcock, Chaplin and Kubrick. The uniqueness of the films is probably over. It hasn’t been as well-made films since the 1990 century. There may be occasional movies that appeal to a smaller group but nothing more. The right feeling in today’s movies Completely absent. It is boring when there is so much creativity and love for the industry in the world.

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It’s time for Hollywood and the producers to wake up and realize that the material is not as good as it once has been. The TV series have begun to appeal to a larger audience and there are increasingly variations on the TV series. It has become a kind of trend with mini-series or anthologies.

Most perhaps because there is something new to some viewers and it creates an interest. Other producers create the foreign serial version of others to their own or to appeal to another language-speaking country. The most exciting is the trend of anthologies where the characters and actors have been replaced for each season. That True Detective. No, Hollywood hasn’t gotten any better.

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The question is – When will the next golden time for Hollywood and the international directors and actors?

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