Inferno (2016)


 Title: Inferno

Year: 2016

Genre: Action | Adventure|  Crme |

Runtime:  121  min

Director: Ron Howard

Starring:   Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones, Irrfan Khan



When Robert Langdon wakes up in a hospital with amnesia, he must beat up with doctor Sienna Brooks that hopefully can help him get the memory back. Together, and in a close race against the clock, the length and breadth of Europe to try to stop a global conspiracy. The Oscar-winner Ron Howard returns to the Director’s Chair for the film adaptation of Dan Brown’s latest book in the blockbuster series about the symbol researcher Robert Langdon. This time, Langdon stumbled across a trail that could lead him to others.

                                                    HOWARD AND HANKS DELIVERS

Despite his advanced age makes Tom Hanks is rarely a bad role interpretation. This third part returns to Hanks and Howard their roles that they have great knowledge of, and the tone they have had in the past, there are only small glimpses of. It goes, however, never into the depths of each character, but it feels more like Director at random has built up the plot and added various things and details during filming. After seeing the DaVinci Code (2006) and Angels & Demons (2009) due to this video when it tries to come up to the same level but fails.

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It offers exciting and fun entertainment for almost two hours. While this film is an adaptation of Dan Brown’s novel. Have not read the third book but the two previous books. Brown writes very detailed and has made thorough research to create a sufficiently large. Credibility regarding its atmosphere. The depth at which Howard successfully manages with two previous films is highlighted not enough in this movie. However, it gives some clues along the way about what is to come, but then it goes on the safe side it will unfortunately only a Hollywood-produced feature film that lemming after money in the Box-Office. Felicity Jones, who plays Hanks woman in this film, makes a brilliant contribution, even if she didn’t realize the type of character you are.

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Many of Robert Langdon’s women won’t actually help him to greater advantage and what it has created distorts the whole situation and they feel a bit like they were gone in the script or during the production process when the middle trying to constantly supplement the beginning and the end. To get the red thread in the film feels obvious added and not an ambitious attempt to convey the story, to what it is.

It’s enough nice photography and lighting, but the sound, on the other hand, could have been improved with some murmurs sometimes and you can barely hear their replicas. The music and the editing will be inappropriate in some areas and there are many question marks when it feels like it’s a hard movie to tell you when it will many flashbacks seems in many ways a tool that is not needed, but is sufficiently necessary for certain scenes or a specific description of a character. It is a complex movie that Howard has tried to cut together and on the road feels like they’ve lost focus as depth and background to the history and symbols, as is Roberts field, slowly fade away the longer the film goes on. It is not the same depth, which has been in the previous game films with the same duo.

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