Title: Silence

Year: 2016

Genre: Drama | History|

Runtime: 161 min

Director: Martin Scorsese

Starring: Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, Liam Neeson

imdb_46x22 7,6/10


In the 17th century, two Portuguese Jesuit priests travel to Japan in an attempt to locate their mentor, who is rumored to have committed apostasy and to propagate Catholicism.




Martin Scorsese still belongs to those who coined the new Hollywood, which we know today. Without him, or Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas or Steven Spielberg, the film’s cultural heritage seemed itself differently in the current situation. It has a strong dynamic in the narrative, unlike Scorsese ‘s earlier films. Manslaughter, doubt, and religion are still a strong overtone that permeates his recent work. He creates a charisma with his characters and usually chooses the best for that role.

Andrew Garfield impressed big with Hacksaw Ridge (2016) and with this he makes no exception. He failed coarsely with Amazing Spiderman But yet he has returned to a level that generates a new page like him that has grown lately. As Rodriguez takes Andrew’s place and fills the function as it is required by the role.

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Adam runs, Garupe, is the speculative character, and he may be suited primarily to it as he does not have the same charisma and confidence towards the audience as Andrew and Liam Neeson have. He works well and has a strong tone, until he and Andrew in the film Shatter, which later leads to them meeting again. Rodriguez opposes everything which gets Garupe to the end killed by the Japanese.

Liam Neeson, Ferreira, is part of the opening scene and does not share a single scene with the other actors until two hours have passed. He has then dismissed all faith as a priest, studying in a temple and also gets Rodriguez to do the same.

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This is not a film about whores, fucking and drugs like The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) where Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill practically contradicted everything they believed in. It still has a deeper meaning and communities with the religion that Scorsese clearly carries. Just like Arrival (2016) it has a judiciary power to divide the audience into two camps – antigen thinks it is too tedious and exhaustive or you find it as a work of art that has a significant foundation and a deeper meaning.

Because it is more or less based on Portuguese priests traveling to Japan to save their mentor, there is a cultural and religious conflict on which the entire film is based. The most intense and most interesting parts of the released trailers are not included in this release. We who know how Scorsese works with their films, know that he despises different version creation after the official theatrical version. There is only one version according to him. It may provoke speculation of what is in the trailer but much remains.

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It has a visual thing, and it has been drama for it, it is clear how the pictures are composed and they cooperate with each other in a clear way. The camera work is rough and intimate and feels elaborate with a clear guideline from the legendary director.



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