Title: Dunkirk

Year: 2017

Genre: Action | Drama | History|

Runtimie: 106 min

Director:  Christopher Nolan

Starring:   Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance,  Cillian Murphy

imdb_46x22 7,9/10   


Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire and France are surrounded by the German Army, and evacuated during a fierce battle in World War II.


Nolan has recently acquired a name that indicates smart and complex films. He is responsible for the Batman trilogy, between 2005 – 2012. The trilogy that defines the character of its genre. With inception and Interstellar, he created something collectively with positive reactions. He is best known for producing something original, which does not happen often.

With Dunkirk, he again breaks the pattern. With a gap of three years, he has not been so active lately. His last feature film was Interstellar (2014). His filmography, can in a way be compared to Stanley Kubrick. There he produced individual films within the respective available genres. Genres like Nolan seem to do A similar concept He has various genres to refute his variety. However, you should be strong aware that in this movie, it is not about specific characters. You never get to know actors ‘ roles in depth, as has been done with his previous films. Here it is not the characters that are in focus. Here, however, it is the focus of the event itself that is most important. And although there are real glorious scenes that expand the entire vision of this evacuation, it is destroyed to a certain degree.

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Nevertheless, the foundation of the film is about characters and their goals, but these characters feel in one way or another. There are one or two characters in this dominated movie that raises its value. Since there is no character development or something dramatically emotional in the film in its entirety without single scenes, it feels more than overrated. The sensuality of this film is that it conveys deeply the realistic but definition of war is missing. It takes place mainly on water. However, the war is forgotten but mentioned. There is nothing to indicate that is actually Dunkirk, but at the dialogue.

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Tom Hardy, who plays the anonymous pilot Farrier And rescues a soldiers at the end, just like their previous character Bane, has a hidden background. However, it says Bane more and is more interesting as a character. Mark Rylance, in the role of Mr. Dawson, seems to have gained a boost since his Oscar’s win, make a solid effort as one of the leading roles. Here you cannot know so much either, but he shows empathy when he partially rescues several soldiers during the evacuation. Kenneth Branagh, who Commander Bolton, shows off an intelligent side which we have seen in him before. Not, however, in warfare or similar roles. He is a good actor, better than director in some cases.

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It’s the visual aspects this movie wins on, the good-looking credible practical effects is roughly the same level as acting. Nolan won’t have problems with his scripts. Previously, but in this case it does not seem enough for him to come up in the level he has prio been in. However, it lands in a superplayed, overrated war-torn evacuation.

Betyg 3 av 5


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