No matter what people in general may think about this ambitious deal between Disney and Fox, it occurs and will affect the filmmaking landscape that we all cherish and love for what it is. There is no denial that it will affect all of us, even if you don’t think it will now. And it probably will be a negative effect since Bob Iger, CEO of Disney Company, has no regards for its audience and what it might cause later on. Disney will conquer another major piece of the streaming services and conclude it’s on, just to compete with it largest competition – Netflix which is the domestic service global on the Internet and other platforms.


How will this deal affect the ordinaire ways of streaming? The audience doesn’t longer want to watch television as regular people, the way we all are using to do. They want to choose it by themselves, not when a television programme schedule tells them when it’s time to watch their favourite content. Today’s audience want to be hook up on the films and series 24/7 no matter what. Maybe not at the moment but in the future this habit will affect in a way how we see films in cinema. Later on, the cinema business might even be an exclusive event, something that only happens when there is something interesting schedule.    Even Netflix has started to show trailers for their show for a while now. In twenty years, will there be any cinema movie goers left. Will the audience keep on going to the cinema? Probably, it’s rather a young industry that will take a while to die out. It’ll find a way. With young industry, it means films. Not cinema. Cinema has however been an on-going changed landscape for over a century by now. And when television arrived worldwide and became a common thing during the 1950s and 1960s, it has evolved in a big way. Now, the has “The Streaming service revolution” already begun. These big companies have eyeballed this new, exciting way of seeing films and they all taking advantage of this. They try to keep up with this new habit and the pace of their audience globally.  They’re all trying to keep up with the constant changing industry, and therefor they have pursued this deal. Although it might spread some light on how the future of films will look like. On the contrary, there is no indication that it would be dystopic landscape for the time being. This might as well be something that persuade people to reconsidering how their viewing habit should look like. The landscape for all these streaming services appears to be the future of how to watch films. There is nothing new about that.

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However, this deal could show some distinct characteristics for how the landscape of comic book films is going to be like in a decade. The deal also includes a group of major popular characters is transfer to a new home. A new home that might even be the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even though MCU has been established for about ten years now, there is no way it now already shows how these characters from franchises like X-Men and Fantastic Four is suppose be involved in that universe. One of these franchises has been a long-going series and it would even be difficult that they suddenly appear in a new universe like the MCU. The fact that the MCU and the X-Men universe would combine, is right now something that should be absurd to even consider. It should happen, even if it would make many fans happy with that decision. All these universes keep on growing, every day, week and month while that doesn’t mean that these universes should be combined, just because it happens in their original source. Even the Marvels TV-universe isn’t direct connected with the cinematic universe. Therefore, it shouldn’t be possible for universes like Fantastic Four and X-Men to be direct connected with the MCU. They had been separated established for over decade, even since 2000. That is long gone as an idea to go through with it for these popular characters. Maybe it’s going to happen in a decade or twenty years but would it right now? No! At least it should be seen as a long shot for these companies to even considering that as a possibility. The current MCU consists of actors which Marvel-contracts soon expires or even has been perished. Perhaps when newcomers have been established enough and theirs contracts expires, there would be an possibility to combined several Marvel-universes together. Then it would be needed with a brand-new cast and crew. No involvement from the earlier films, only minor references, should be needed when it appears as a new universe. It’s so important to beware from the moment on to know now what you want to achieve later on in your life and career.

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For what’s it worth, this deal shows how money is an absorbing factor in today’s Hollywood and the ever-changing entertainment industry. And this won’t be the end of it, probably even more studios will even be considering the same choice Disney has made with Marvel, Lucasfilm and 21th Century Fox. Even the UIP aka United International Picture, consists of multiple studios of Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios and Colombia Pictures. With Disney as a consistent major player on the market as the purchased deal was on 52.4 billion dollars, there is no indicator for when this company plans to stop. They’re even going to launch a new streaming service, as mention earlier, which shows how they want to be in the game as well. There is no question about Disney has now monopoly in the film industry, since the deal is made. Yet, they don’t are the major league player on the internet and as an independent film productions company. In the beginning of the 20th century, there was the five largest company, as mentioned before consisted of Warner Bros, the UIPs corps. and 20th Century Fox. Cause as long Warner Bros. doesn’t appear to be connected to it’s the other companies, it might be easier for the film landscape to not be one major studios that commands the whole global market with 95 percent. What’s is it in this domestic market that money is the only thing and the only factor that matters?

Maybe, somewhere the audience is part of it, but mostly it shows just a destructive motif to damage the whole market for its money, pride and glory.

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