MetooThis has been a controversial year for the film industry with, among other things, scandals and new interpretations of previous materials. It has deepened our discussions in society and the film world.



The biggest event this year has been “Me Too”Movement. It has taken over Hollywood and the world. Whether you like it or not, it has been productively hung out and stopped the animal behavior of some high-ranking people in the Hollywood elite. The biggest culprit of the all being Harvey Weinstein, head of The Weinstein Company Sexually harassed women for several years. I’ve never been a fan of politics, but as a human and dedicated movie lover, I think it’s a good thing to people who Weinstein are hanging out for what they have done. The film industry should never be anything else a creative and neutral place. Oppression does not create creativity, it stifles it. How this crusade will continue and evolve along the year 2018 will be interesting to follow. You may believe what want to do about the movement, hate or love it. It is even right to decide for yourself, but if you are a genuine filmmaker or lover you should agree that the film industry should be a place where creativity can blossom.

The Last Jedi


When it comes to the film supply, the year has had a lot to offer with original ideas and new interpretations of earlier works. There have been films that have given a new view of society and people, such as Get Out (2017). The story of the black man, Chris Washington, who goes to his white girlfriend’s family reunion and notices something is wrong. The film gives a satirical interpretation of Liberaltänkande people. They constantly excuse themselves for their white skin, they alienate Chris even more, which is taken a step further along the plot.

Another film that has been talked about now towards the end of the year is The Last Jedi (2017). Since it is number eight in the Star Wars series and number two in the current trilogy, it had a lot to live up to. The Force Awakens (2015) laid the foundation for the action of this film, which was unsurprisingly not persecuted. Personally, I am pleased that director Rian Johnson wrote his own screenplay. Much of the criticism of the film have been against Luke Skywalker’s new traits where the former young optimistic hero now became an old pessimistic old man. He did not live up to the image they expected, which is the film’s premise. Several times during the action, it is talked about how legends are not true. If one becomes a man on a pedestal that is not possible to descend from. The film tries to smash these prejudices and show that there is a man behind the stories that is not flawless, which no one is. Johnson further develops by emphasizing that it is okay to fail sometimes, as this is how you learn. It is a lesson that no one is perfect, not even the hero on the silver screen.

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One can also say that this has been an excellent year for DC and their universe. Wonder Woman (2017) became the film that got to re-establish their name in Hollywood. It gave a successful example of how women may have dominated roles in films and have the same entertaining structure in characters and storylines as the rest of the hero films. Justice League (2017) also became one of DC’s better films even if it did not become as successful as Wonder Woman.

Other movies worth mentioning are, Dunkirk (2017), Logan (2017), Baby Driver (2017), The Florida Project (2017). Overall, it has been a good year for film although it has also been an eventful year with both positive and negative things that have happened.



Netflix has continued to dominate with its comics, such as the continuation of Stranger Things (2016-) and Orange is the New Black (2013-). Streamingsajten has also produced new series, such as American Vandal, Mind Hunter, Marvel’s The Punisher, Godless Etc. But the most interesting of all must be Wormwood (2017). A dramatized documentary series where you get a family struggling to find out what really happened to their father when he took suicide. It leads them deeper into the scandal involving the CIA, which is portrayed through a mixture of documentary material and fictional recreation.

You also can’t help but talk about their decision to kick Kevin Spacey from House of Cards (2013-) because he was hung out under “Me Too”Campaign. It came to the front that he had sexually harassed a fjortonåring thirty years ago. Besides that, he has also sexually harassed men in his production team. It is understandable if Netflix wants to kick him because of it but they should not continue the series without him as he is the central character of the storyline. His selfish thinking and manipulative strategies are what pulls viewers in, making it impossible to continue without him. They should have set the entire series instead, just as they did with The Get Down (2016-2017), Hemlock Grove (2013-2017), Lilyhammer (2012-2017) and Marco Polo (2014-2017). But it’s just to wait and see if it was a good decision or not with Spaceys interruptions.

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Han Solo

2017 Oscars

Last year’s Oscar ceremony began just as usual, with some mediocre entertainment and mostly for service winners, such as Linus Sandgren. He did an excellent job with Kinematografin for Damien Chazelles La La Land (2016). The colours and contrasts make each new scene a work of art in itself. The style also makes a Homage To old Fifties musicals. But it was not the most memorable of the gala, but it was the mistake that occurred when the prize for best film was to be awarded. Then the actors Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty from Bonnie and Clyde (1967) Accidentally say the wrong name when they got the wrong card to read off. Instead of presenting the true winner Moonlight (2016) They said instead that La La Country Won. Then they got Emma Stones card from when she won for best actress in the same film. It was an embarrassing situation during the gala when they came forward to Moonlight Was the real winner and the producers from La La Country Had to give them the prizes instead. But the producers did it with goodwill and respect, as the director of Moonlight thanked for. This was a big mistake by the Oscars that should not be repeated in the future, but it gave atleast them great publicity and a fun moment to joke about in the future.

Here is the list for all winners and nominees for that year. 

Year 2018

This year there are many movies to crave and some you might consider seeing. Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and Black Panther (2018) are two of the most talked about. Because of Marvel’s almost flawless reputation with its films, it will probably be the audience not to be disappointed. Black Panther has director Ryan Coogler Who did an excellent job with the movie Creed (2015) and with it he showed his talent to bring in known material and redo it to his own. Own. He opened a new world for the Rocky franchise with both old and new characters. Just as then he is now also one of the screenwriters, which allows fans of Marvel to breathe out. Black Panther is in good hands.

In the case of Avengers: Infinity War There is no doubt that it will be good, as it is directed by the brothers Anthony Russo and Joe Russo. They and their screenwriters, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely are Marvel veterans as they have worked together on some of the previous AvengersFilms. They have always kept the measure of producing an entertaining film so it is not whether it will be good or not. It’s all about it will be revolutionary or give the film series a new perspective. As the series begins to close down the third phase, it is important that Marvel ends with a big bang in order to make fans interested in their other future projects. Marvel still has plans for twenty additional films that will be released in the future.

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When some fans were split over The Last Jedi It is interesting to see how they will react to Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) Now in May. It’s the first time after Disney started up the franchise again as we don’t have to wait a year to get a new Star Wars movie. This means that we as an audience only get just with time to melt the latest film before we are thrown into that world again. If it is good or bad is difficult to determine, so just wait and see. But it looks promising with the concept that we should find out about Han Solo’s background story and that Ron Howard was the director. Howard’s latest movies have been a mixture of good and mediocre; Such as In the Heart of the Sea (2015) is a film that does not fall for my personal taste but he is still a cinematic visionary with the merits of backing it up. He also has the father-and-son duo Lawrence and Jon Kasdan As a screenwriter. Lawrence’s previous work With Originaltrilogin is not to be missed and hopefully Jon has gotten some of his father’s creative genes, anyway there will be a high expectation on this film.

Other movies worth mentioning are, Ready Player One (2018), The Predator (2018), Aquaman (2018). These are just a few examples of what the coming year has to offer. Hopefully it will be a big year for film.

Here is a link to this year’s upcoming movies.

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