Some “buzz” for Orange is the New Black – Season 7 has surfaced.

  OINT s06

With the sixth season of Orange is the New Black just premiered on July 27th, some buzz  has surfaced on the seventh season on the popular Netflix-series.

 In February 2016, Netflix renewed the popular prison drama for 5-7 season.  Some news or hints has surfaced online about season 7 and after binged the sixth season, you couldn’t be more intrigued.  As the huge cliffhanger season 6 ended on, with Piper Chapman finally released from prison, it leaves you more than eager to continue with the characters.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Taylor Schilling said:

I’m so grateful to have been able to play this part of Piper. I’m excited to let Piper go and put her to rest beautifully, as I’m sure [creator Jenji Kohan] will do, and let her kind of live on in her own world, when that time comes.”

There is also high possibility that Carol and Barb are dead, and Daddy and Madison is going to be their precursors. Season 5 ended with the inmates from Litchfield transported to different prisons.

Chatting to The Hollywood Reporter, OINTB writer Brian Chamberlayne said: “If the story takes us there, it has to be organic for us. We never want to suddenly be in a world that we haven’t set up. But we love those characters and miss them as storytellers for sure, so we hope to always see them.”

Just as in the past, the seventh will contain 13 episodes and Orange is the New Black might even drop during July 2019.


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