Maniac (2018-): Season 1

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2018)


Title: Maniac

Year: 2018

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Sci-Fi |

Seasons: 1 |

Runtim: 60 min/episode

Starring:   Jonah Hill, Emma Stone, Sonoya Mizuno


Two strangers are drawn to a mysterious pharmaceutical trial that will, they’re assured, with no complications or side-effects whatsoever, solve all of their problems, permanently. Things do not go as planned.


Cary Joji Fukunaga, who became increasingly famous with the success of True Detective, the first season and its efforts to last year’s IT (2017). One can say that he has come a long way in recent years, and in this case he has also managed to create an atmosphere that contributes to story and an absorbent feeling. You do not really know where to place it. Because there is nothing new in its conceptual design, but what is added is a different depth of characters and an actor’s ensemble that adds more than it usually is.

For the characters, it’s a lot in such a series that it can work in the long run, and it has been done by now. The strength lies in the efforts made by each player in this series. In a world driven by emotional and interesting computers, characters driven by technology and an ill-tempered psyche that drives the center of the series. With a piece of eighties in retroform and a great withdrawal, not to fail, it takes to other worlds than you might even think where possible.

It makes it Inception (2010) never really a customer. During this series, every dream, every memory is analyzed in the smallest detail, and we as audience read an ongoing and strong theme: addressing their dangers. Stand against and not be conflicted. That’s what this one tries to tell and it takes advantage of that theme in each individual section.

Although each section differs in length between ten to fifteen minutes, it does nothing. Because when it happens with the big difference between each episode, it still has an equivalent entertainment value, but it may be difficult for the new one to enter the series. It’s abstract and it’s not really possible to connect what happens in the first two sections. Perhaps maybe there is a thought behind. There is a clear guideline, a clear concept.

We are mainly getting to know Jonah Hills character Owen, who will testify in connection with his brother’s upcoming trial while getting to know Emma Stone’s character Annie, who is poor and unemployed. The roads of both boats collide and their relationship seems seamless. They match each other like a piece of music. Then, later in the series, we get to know James, played by Justin Theroux. James is a lover of visual porn and has a contempt for his mother, played by a solid Sally Field.

All these four main actors make stable and faithful efforts. It is experienced during the series that the development has been on the characters, and not so much on the action – especially since this is an American adaptation of the Danish series with the same name. The environment is minimalist and tapered. On the other hand, everything is repetitive towards the end, as the three episodes of the series repeat much of what has already happened. There is something special about this science fiction series. However, visual effects are not best but there has never been a focus in this series. It’s the interior.

It adds something new to an unprecedented repertoire. The genres of comedy, dramatic violence and science fiction make this a celebrated series, yet creating a nuanced image about patients who actually suffer from hallucinations, paranoia, borderline or schizophrenia. It has a solid foundation to stand on and even if it becomes easy repetitively, it still maintains it would do. Something new and slightly shiny. Perhaps just what we need.

betyg 4 av 5



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