’37th Uppsala International Short Film Festival (2018)

Uppsala International Short Film Festival - Swedish and Original Poster

Credit: Uppsala International Short Film Festival

Despite a short visit to Uppsala and Uppsala International Short Film Festival, I managed to watch and experience a full program with six movies. All of these movies was provided from all over the world.

Mostly you would know the difference between an Animated short film named “III”, from Poland where everything intervene with each other and after the screening you don’t quite understand the matter of these subjects. Yet, remember these are short, mostly amateur movie that display one another issue from the world. Mostly, all of these movies shows and tells through images and let the subject behind it speak for itself.

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Overall, this was a program called Full Frontal and contained movies such as  “Prisoner of Society”, “III”, “Britney”, “The Mail Lady”, “Matria”, “Azul Vazante (Leaking Blue) and “Call of Comfort”. First and final movie showed penis more than once. The former one was extremely uncomfortable to watch as a woman does a brazilian waxing on male. This moment was not connected to the rest of the film which make me question the reliability of the movie.  

All in all, this program was somewhat a decent program. It has many flaws and felt quite amateurish yet a try to make it look professional. Therefore, the best choice of all of these short films are “The Mail Lady”, not because of the acting but because of the element with visual storytelling and enganging plot.

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