Interview with Peter Dalle, Johan Ulveson & Claes Månsson from Lyrro (2018)

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We sat down with some of Swedens most legendary actors with the director and writer for Lyrro. It premiered October 19 and the world premiere occurred on October 15.  The day after the big premiere, we interviewed Peter Dalle – writer and director, Johan Ulveson and Claes Månsson. 

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Tell us about your film. What made you write this movie, Peter?

Peter: I had first an idea about a movie named Away as a working title, that everyone wants to go away. Live abroad. We want away even when we’re in the metro, mostly because we don’t want to work or to grow old. We want to be apart so many things. We have a hard time to be in the present.

I feel that at least with myself. I found it difficult to just watch.I need to be active like read a book or do some crosswords. Because of that, the film was then mostly about vacation, dreams and other relationship. But then, three years ago, a wave of migrants, arrived here, so I thought that it would be fun to make a movie about it. Something about people who want to travel here and those who don’t want to stay.

How was it to return to the same group after 20 years and work with new people?

Johan: It was something that felt good. Time has rushed by and bring connection together with each other. The new cast ensemble has been amazing and was an obvious choice, so it was a fun time to shoot this movie.

Claes: We started out this shooting with 12 days of Aruba, where it was required to eat and hang out with these new people, which was incredibly nice to do. It was a dear reunion with Peter, Johan and Suzanne. It was also great to socialize with the new cast in private which are such great people. That was really fun.

Peter: It’s important to have this at night-talk, isn’t just to eat dinner and to have fun. At the theatre, I usually set up a play on two weeks and after I would have a dinner where people speak out something that they have thought earlier about. It’s really important that we get to know each other and not just there for the job. Who are these people?

What roles in this movie was the most fun and difficult to do?

Johan: I believe that the most fun was almost that senile-scene, the one that I and Peter did together. It was like it was the hardest as well, because of the late rewriting of the same scene, right during the time we were making the movie.

Peter: It was tricky to act as I didn’t know what he says, and he doesn’t know what I say. I forgot everything we said to each other. We took another take. He (Johan) looked at me and did “this”. I felt just the same thing about this. You didn’t know what you just did, you know. Otherwise, we would need another take of that same scene, because of a technical problem.

Johan: You got one great spin of that scene… So, I choose one scene.

Why did you start out in this business?   

Claes: I came into this business through the theatre. I got there mostly because I was tired of the things I was doing back then. Opportunities made me start in the theatres, you know. Peter and I was a classmate at theatre-school where we got to know each other. Life is filled with many opportunities.

Peter: For my part, I was very timid as a youngster. For some reason, I ended up in a theatre-group. First time I stood upon stage I stammered, so I think it’s very unbelievable and unexpected. that I became an actor. I would also proclaim myself as a self-made, as a writer, director and actor. But that ain’t true. It was randomly that Lorry was even made and there were so many opportunities and that we work so well together. It’s also about a lot of luck in the end.

Johan:  It’s also about to willingly tell a story. To tell something. Peter is the screenwriter, but we want to tell something as well. But you can’t tell that. We want to tell stories that are funny and is important to the audience as well.

What advice do you have for youngsters who want to be a filmmaker?

Johan: Ye…

Peter: I would say- I think that- that we have many colleagues who think too much about their work. I would say write, direct and act is very practical work so my tips, because the technology is far today, just do it! take the mobile record a film. Just do it, find friends and do thing s together.

Johan: Be brave!

Peter: Yeah be brave.

Johan:  That yourself wish to do. It’s always about being brave.

What’s your best memory for each of your careers?

Johan: I think Lorry is one of the best memories. One of the most important jobs that I have done at least.

Claes: Yes, it’s the same here.

Johan: Both most fun and important.

Peter: And we had too- something that was very good when we- about the last question which tips you give to young people who wanna do things like this, I did- before I came into theatre school so did I sketches for radio and that was most important with that, part of its very cheap and simple to do but I got sent so people hade hear it and you got a response on what you had done and that we really got for Lorry. So that we got feel “Yeah this they really liked, and this worked”-

Johan: So, it’s work now on the internet and-

Peter: Yeah, I mean that, but it didn’t exist when we were-

Johan: No, it didn’t exist. I mean I- I don’t watch it… What it’s on the internet. I’m outside it, you can say.

Peter: Same here.

Johan: It’s so that we don’t know what’s going on the same way now today, that the young people do they are on the internet and work. It’s probably how you should do it today.

Peter: Yes, I think that. I think that.

Do you have any future project planned already?

Johan: I do a show that is called “Stolarna” here on Dramaten here in Stockholm and will work on that for a while.

Claes: And I starting to record a TV show next week that I can’t talk so much about.

Johan: I will also can I say. Starting to record one that Josefin Bornebusch will direct that are called “Love, Not Love” that starts filming in November.

Peter: And I rehearse “Karl-Bertil Jonsson’s julafton” with, for instance, Henrik Dorsin on the Scala theatre. And after that its quite blank pages. There are plans but nothing that are in motion right now.

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