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Title: Lyrro – Ut & invandrarna

Year: 2018

Genre:  Comedy |

Runtime:   88 min

Director:  Peter Dalle

Starring: Johan Ulveson, Suzanne Reuter, Peter Dalle

imdb 6,0/10

Lyrro is a feature film in skits-format. Several of these actors plays different part during the runtime. Lyrro is a follow upp on the Tv-series and the feature film during the 1990s, with the same concept.


Peter Dalle has returned to his old high-school sweetheart: Lyrro. It has all his old friends from the acclaimed tv-series and movie from the 1990s. It has old and new characters just as it is with actors. The unique thing with this movie and sort of a franchise. It has several skits/sketches that bring a whole new ensemble but, yet it provided a large ensemble of new character and returning ones.

     It has the same structural, script-wise, in how it presents characters. It has for once a clear structure now. At least, it has a red thread that might make it easier to follow along with these characters and storylines. Some of these characters is Josef (Björn Gustafsson) and Maria (Nour El-Refai), Alexander (Henrik Dorsin) and his girlfriend (Nour El-Refai). She has different relationship with both of these men. For Josef, she is more naïve and questioning about Södertälje whilst they are wandering around with their donkey on the street. With Alexander, she is more dominant… more because he’s in a coma where the Nour as a character, totally ignores that he isn’t aware about what she or her lesbian girlfriend (Sanna Sundqvist) do to him.


     With the original cast, like Johan Ulveson, Claes Månsson, Peter Dalle and Suzanne Reuter. Some of these characters intervene with each other and make some subtle and funny scenes.   Johan Ulveson and Peter Dalle has the most scenes together while Månsson and Reuter shares scenes together as well. Månsson and Reuter plays for most part an elder couple where they try to reach the limit of their condition where they must stay fit even after they are over 60 years old. They have such good comedy and chemistry where they are pushing one another to be more fit than the other and follow some extreme training trends.

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      Peter Dalle and Johan Ulveson provides some skits where they play old people who doesn’t remember why exactly they are in a supermarket where they don’t remember who works there and who is there to buy. Johan Ulveson plays as usual in these skits a cynical or a sneaky character, which kind of fits him as a actor. Claes plays the smart or intelligent characters that has everything planned out.

     Much of the script feels cliché at some time but nonetheless, this is a movie with heart and a premise that is pure and righteous. It has a clear message on how it wants to tell it the story and that is probably what Peter Dalle do best even if he is quite convincing with his acting. A fun and distinct Swedish movie, that’s a rare gift these days.

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Betyg 3 av 5

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