Title:  Night SchoolNight School (2018).jpg

Year: 2018

Genre:  Comedy |

Runtime:   111 min

Director:  Malcolm D. Lee

Starring: Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, Megalyn Echikunwoke



A group of troublemakers are forced to attend night school in hope that they’ll pass the GED exam to finish high school.

The most important part with comedies is to get it right. It is probably the most difficult genres. Especially with the timing and the funniest jokes. It’s the foundation of all comedy, right. It’s after all important that the audience laughing together at the most crucial point of the movie.

Kevin Hart has done a lot of horrible movies. Many bad ones. Really bad ones. He has even started to produce his own movies and then you can almost foresee the future of that specific movie. The same thing is with this one. The substance of a good movie doesn’t conclude that good with this one. It contains too many jokes about racism and sexism. These characters is so flat that they doesn’t feel authentic or real. If you want to care about the movie and you can’t through the story, at least you should be able to do it through the main characters. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make sense in a lot of these scene.

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One is where Kevin Hart aka Theodore “Teddy” Walker in the movie, where is thrown out from a gas explosion and survived without a scratch. It’s not funny and it’s not even authentic. It tries to be dramatic and the story is so predictable that you know, even after Teddy Walker fucks up with his relationship for his girlfriend, still everything is going to be fine just as everyone is happy.

Therefore, the premise for this film is quite unclear. There is some plot hole that didn’t got to be explained, early on in the movie. For instance, Teddy never explained to his fiancée that he went to night school. She said that he lied, but he never did that. Why? Well, because she never asked him. Why didn´t he just tells  her that he was studying to get a job? It wasn’t like she was supposed to leave him. No, not even close.

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Then, at the end… When they finally met up again on the prom night, Lisa get pissed off because Teddy hangs out with a woman who is gay? For what reason is it necessary for her to be upset about that in that particular moment? Non!

Also, this course that Teddy takes at night has someone in prison. They skype with him in prison and that’s just the tip of the mountain. We also have the rebel-girl who wants to go to college despite what her parents says, the stereotypical mother and the big man who is too dumb to understand anything. After that, Teddy finds out that he has several learning disabilities and he takes the GEM-test many times, just because he is really stupid. But surprisingly he gets a high score, higher than any of his classmates suddenly.

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Of course, this is a failed comedy with no heart or substance to what a good story means, so in a gentle world that would be forgiving… But that’s not how it works. It’s a stupid movie that no one should waste their time on. Perhaps if you’re really hangover and want something to black out to.

Grade 1 of 5

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