Joaquin Pheonix and Russell Crowe in Gladiator (2000). Photo: Universal/DreamWorks.

The critical success about Maximus in Gladiator (2000) starring Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix,  gets a sequel as Paramount confirms this.

The film back then, won 5 Oscars after 11 nominations in 2001. As Maximums and Commodus died at the end of the first movies, the sequel is going to explore the son of Luilla (Connie Nielsen). Ultimately, this movie is going follow the trail of Lucius who was there when his father Maximus died.

The first movie was produced by DreamWorks and distributed by Universal. This movie is going to be distributed by Paramount instead with Universal as co-financer. DreamWorks is out of the game. Ridley Scott is set to direct and produce the sequel as this project is moving ahead with Peter Craig as the screenwriter, known from The Town and two Hunger Games films.

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At the moment, there is no news about the casting.


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