Halloween (2018)

Title: Halloween

Year: 2018

Genre: Horror |

Runtime: 106 min

Director: David Gordon Green

Starring:  Jamie Lee Curtis,  Nick Castle, Judy Greer

imdb 7,2/10

Laurie Strode confronts her long-time foe Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.


Just like the Jurassic Park – Franchise, this movie tries to ignore all the stupid sequel after the incarnation of the whole series that started back in 1978. As the whole point is, that this movie is a direct follow-up to the original. Just like Jurassic World (2015), it depends a lot on earlier instalments in the series regardless what it tries so desperately do. It’s not a new and fresh story in the saga. It picks up elements showed in the previously movies as an Easter egg or reference. This might be as necessary as it provides in the trailer.

The original Halloween (1978) kept it suspense on how the victims react before they get killed as the word about an unknown serial killer is walking around their neighbourhood. That was the best part. Not knowing who this person was. This movie, with the same name as the original does indeed the opposite where Michael Myers is in focus and everything is surrounded about him.

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It adds up to the original and could be seen at some way a direct sequel yet there is so much flaws and error in this movie that it doesn’t provide that true classic horror-feeling, that you might be craving for. The music and the suspensions are quite effective even if you know the ending. Michael gets burned by Laurie, her daughter and grand-daughter in her “trap”-house. The music is recognizable from the earlier instalment and some scene has great horror effects.

This movie is so much more violent than the first movie, four decades back. Knives is pushed through victims’ throats, neck cuts and brutally killings. Even when The Shape is in combat with his fists, he is persuasive. The sound editing works great and make the killing by Myers even more explicit.

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The acting is undeniable good for a horror movie and a franchise that has survived forty years. Jamie Lee Curtis brings on her A-game as a paranoid survivor but other than that she rather flat in her performance. Judy Greer, who plays Laurie’s daughter Karen, is surprisingly good in this movie. She was also in Jurassic World, where they would handle it so much better without her. None of these actor lives up to the atmosphere that the original shows, mostly it accept that it’s a horror movie.

The third act where Laurie has lured Myers to her home has some effectiveness yet it’s so anti-climatic when the result is displayed. How they end the fight is a cheap writing skill and an absent from something of value. It’s boring and dull on how they end the last twenty minutes. This is because you just want it to be over. It’s like an instruction video where they tell in the first opening scene on how it will end. The trailers helps a lot too. The first seventy minutes of this movies was acceptable as a horror-movie, then it got flat and boring. It has some entertaining value but sadly, it doesn’t even become to be near as good as the original movie from 1978.

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On top of this, a sequel to the sequel of the original is already planned. Thanks to Danny McBride…


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