Tintin sequel: “The Temple of the Sun” – might be an reality next year…

(Last Updated On: November 16, 2018)
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“I would love to shoot Tintin’s sequel! I hope Peter Jackson is going to remind us to put this back in.”

In 2011, Steven Spielberg premiered with Tintin’s Adventure: The Secret of the Unicornwith devided critics and Peter Jackson as the main producer. Jackson has not given up hope of the sequel yet.

It was reformed to be one of it’s kind in the franchise to be entirely animated throug motion capture. Jamie Bell and Andy Serkis performed this blockbusters main characters: Tintin respective Captain Haddock. In interview with Empire, Peter Jackson has stated during the dual promotion of Mortial Engines  and They Shall Not Grow Old, that;

“We may film the capture performance next year” he says confidently, before saying that “a movie only becomes real once you get the money from the studio.”

This sequel is reported to mix the storylines of The Seven Crystal Balls and The Temple of the Sun, all stories written by belgarian Hergé. Nothing right now is settle and it also seems that even Andy Serkis is ready for to reprise his role as the Captain once more.

“I  would love to shoot Tintin’s sequel! I hope Peter Jackson is going to remind us to put this back in. I want to replay Captain Haddock, I really like this character, so keep asking the question, the more people want a sequel, the more there will be a chance it will happen. 

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Source: Premiere.fr

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