What Disney brings on for its own streaming platform launch in late 2019

disneyWith HBO, Amazon Studios, Hulu and Netflix like so many others streaming platforms on the online market, Disney is also now ready to bring on the game for their audience as Disney CEO Bob Iger confirms the new exclusive streaming service.

CEO Robert Iger has recently confirmed that Disney’s new service for streaming is renamed to Disney+ and will launch in late 2019. The company will remove all their movies on Netflix under next year and has purchased Fox as well.

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Disney CEO Robert Iger

The Disney CEO has spoken out about the service:

“It’s not quite ready for primetime,” Iger said. “It’s still being iterated. But it will be elegant and it will be very brand-centric.” He also said that Disney+ will feature navigational features “that typically don’t exist” and that it will “super serve the most ardent fans of those five different brands by creating experiences and environments customized and personalized to those brands.”

As a rival to the new established streaming services, Disney+ are going to feature original Marvel and Star Wars series. Tom Hiddleston is going to reprise his role as Loki in a original series on the streaming service. A prequel series to Rouge One starring Diego Luna, will also be available on the platform.  A rebooted version of The High School Musical just like the next season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and a animated series, based on Monsters Inc., will be included. Star Wars live-action TV-series The Mandalorian, now starring Pedro Pascal will also be available on Disney+. The upcoming and anticipating female-lead Captain Marvel with Brie Larson aims to be the first feature film to be available on the platform.

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There will be content from Pixar, Marvel Studios, 21st Century Fox and Lucasfilm under the same hub. Nothing more about the streaming service has yet been revealed like cost or launch date. Reports has said that it will be cheaper than Netflix and with more family-based material. Date of launch aims to end of 2019 in the US, with an internationally expand by 2020.

Source: CBNC.com/Fastcompany.com



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