Title: Mary Poppins Returns

Year: 2018

Genre: | Family  | Fantasy | Musical |

Runtime: 130 min

Director: Rob Marshall

Starring:   Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben Whishaw




Decades after her original visit, the magical nanny returns to help the Banks siblings and Michael’s children through a difficult time in their lives.


Whatever you have seen Mary Poppins (1964) it still a classic. Julie Andrew gave a wonderful and strong performance fifty-four years ago. It’s still strong today, regardless. Now it’s Emily Blunt turn, who have been included in dramas, action, horror, comedies and musicals, brings a strong performance as always. She has a large variety of merits and this one is no exception. She brings another depth to the character and just like the rest of the cast, it’s a well-made ensemble that is the right fit for each character. Colin Firth is a suitable fit for the main villain in a plain story. Why Meryl Streep is included in the cast is unclear, probably only because she’s the only woman who can act crazy as a gipsy and sing as well.

The children Banks is mature for their age and nice add to the magical approach by Mary Poppins. Although, they play a similar role to the children in the first movie. Lin-Manuel Miranda brings on a graceful and captivated performance as jack, who is Mary’s apprentice and friend. His father was one of the chimneys sweep in the first movie. He and Emily has a wonderful chemistry during the musical numbers. Each of them got a Golden Globe nomination that they both deserve. Hopefully Emily can get an Oscar nomination.

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Some of the singing feels rather forced and uneven. Every time a character is introduced, there is a major singing performance required, which bugs me. The visual effect is fresh now that is classic hand-drawn animation regarding the penguins, the flower and the world of the bowl. Rob Marshall, the director, made the right call and persuaded the producers that the original drawing-style was necessary. Marshall has made a rather simple story with heart-warming and likeable character into a sequel of the classic musical. As it’s a production from Disney, we all know what is going to happen. We know that the children will be the hero of the night when time stands still. Even though, it ain’t clear what Colin Firth’s character motivation is here. In the end, everything is solved with singing and happy tunes together with a random occasion.

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A lot of this story is very similar to the first movie. It doesn’t play out so much as a sequel. It doesn’t feel like a follow-up story, more like a remake of the iconic character. The story in this one surrounds the children in the first movie but there is a lot of similar things that happens anyway. We got Poppins dancing with penguins, dancing and singing in dark, visit a colleague that is crazy where they change of that character’s opinion of something. Mary Poppins shows up at the best time suitable. The first one is rather more violent of that but this one aims for a hardcore family-friendly movie.

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A lot of similar things repeats itself, but this one has a much more define story and a deeper character motivation. Regardless, it’s a wonderful musical suitable for young and old.

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