epM8K3rAs it was this majestic culmination of almost twenty epic movies during a ten-year span, Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War (2018) left many in the audience speechless for what happened and what’s next in the series.

Many questions has raised these latest weeks and rumour has been spread. This is what most going for the time being;

  • The first TRAILER drops Wednesday morning, December 5!
  • The Russo Brother’s still says the fourth Avengers movie has a 3-hour runtime.
  • Loki is confirmed, by the directors, to be dead after the event in the beginning of Infinity War.
  • Captain Marvel plays a crucial point in the film. Her own story premieres in March.
  • As Thanos sacrificed Gamora for the Soul Stone, she might still be the answer for some unanswered questions. The trailer for Captain Marvel gets released Monday night, December 3rd.
  • The Russo-brothers has also said that a main character (another) will die, most likely permanent, in the fourth film.
  • The Avengers-directors has mentioned in som cryptic terms that Chris Evans ain’t done yet with Captain America in the MCU and that the audience will understand…
  • Even if it hasn’t been official talks about it, there is a chance for a Secret Wars – gathering in upcoming movies including the Fantastic Fours or the X-Men togheter with the Avengers.
  • There’s a big possibility that this movie has some advance time-travel, maybe conducted by Doctor Strange or Captain Marvel.
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