Title: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Year: 2018

Genre: Animation | Action | Adventure |

Runtime: 117 min

Director:  Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, Rodney Rothman

Starring: Shameik Moore, Jake Johnson, Mahersala Ali






Miles Morales becomes the Spider-Man of his reality and crosses paths with his counterparts from other dimensions to stop a threat to all reality.


Occasionally every year, a film will be released and be acknowledged as a good movie. It might not happen that often, not often as you might think, but it does. It’ll stuck in your brain and it’ll be the movie everyone talks about. People can’t shut up about it. It supposed to be that good. Yet, people are alienated on how they think about this feature films. That seems for the time being, be the case with the upcoming Marvel/Sony Animation movie; Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Or maybe it’s just the movie of the month…

In this movie, a lot of characters is crafted and shown. Some characters are recognizable than other or even gender swapped, just for the sake of it. In this animated shared universe, there is multiple Peter Parker/Spider-Man – the original just like other version of that hero. In this case, the other version happens to be Miles Morales, who have a similar story to Parker but has a different background and charisma. He is not the nerd that Parker is when it comes to science and timid when it comes to girl which is something his uncle Aaron taught him. Yet, when time comes Parker #1 gives Miles a mission, when he die. Parker #1 was the hero for ten years and a beloved one. Along the way, Green Goblin, Doc Octopus and King Pin is introduced with the last mentioned be the main antagonist.  Miles gets a mission to get a USB in a machine to stop parallel dimensions to enter his world. It would collide with the real world. When Miles get bitten by a radioactive spider, he takes this seriously and tries also to learn to manage the life of a Spider-Man.  When a more unhygienic and elder, Peter Parker enters his life, the story becomes a little better.

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During the movie, it’s depicted that the Spider-Man is a legend by the people of New York. After that, it just get more and more introduction of characters. With a futuristic Spider-Man, Gwen Stacy, a Spider-Man from the 1930s in black and white together with Spider-Pig. Even Aunt May have a function and serves as a butler where she show them all a secret chamber with all suit for Spider-Man. The new characters from other parallel dimension seems to be overwhelming in some regards. It fills only one function; have one-liners and populate the multiverse. Other than that, they became rather useless in this story. The main story is between Peter Parker and Miles and how their relationship over course evolve. Miles comes closer to his dad who hasn’t accepted the vigilante type until now. Parker and Morales brings on the real story here. The animation is distinct and fits rightful in this format. It’s feels fresh and show not only a good sense of humour but brings a new life into a non-live-action Spider-Man. It has a touch of comic book sense and a lot of Easter egg and throwback to previous movies about the hero. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko is also rightful dedicated for the movie. It has some good moment, with surprises combined with humour, adventure and darker tone. It fits for elder children and not all suitably for the youngest. Probably a movie, best for the whole family or for those how just love Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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