Title: Alita: Battle Angel

Year: 2019

Genre: Action | Romance | Sci-Fi |

Runtime: 122 min

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Starring: Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly




A deactivated female cyborg is revived, but cannot remember anything of her past life and goes on a quest to find out who she is.


James Cameron has written some impressive stories brought on to the big screen which includes Titanic(1997)and Avatar(2009). His obsession with the Avatar-movies has given him som lack of narrative skills. He is a brilliant storyteller that make you involved in characters and trust them along the way. But by time, he has been exaggerated when it comes to films.  Only two movies, in his career, has been worth notifying, movies mentioned earlier.  

Robert Rodriguez hasn’t been that much of a director. Sin City is probably one of his most noticeable work, yet in this case he failed grand. Here, he tries to become something his not; a good storyteller.  It begins in a very optimistically way with a grand plot on how Alita was found to begin with. As Christoph Waltz finds her broken robot-body, it invites the audience to an obnoxious plot that becomes easy to be foreseen.

Waltz (Doc) is decent in this movie. He feels, already in the first minutes of the movie, like he doesn’t want to be there. He doesn’t want to the job and he just feel boring, but he does his best. For some reason, he protects Alita, who is not what’s so ever related to him. She has in fact nothing to do with him but yet he is protective as hell to her. This is because he wants his crippled daughter back. One may think that he tries to fill his remorse with a cyborg instead to work with his lost and sorrow.

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A lot of what Doc says or do, is rather exposition than necessary action from him. Just like him and every other character, he explains everything that has happened before and tries to sum it up. Not to the cyberborg-child though, no! it’s all for the audience. He isn’t exactly hyper-verbal but then, once more, he talks and give out information when it’s him most suitable. Doc knows a lot about Alita but doesn’t say anything until he needs to. As much as I adore and love Christoph Waltz, I can’t see him as the character he plays.  He feels distracted which is fairly noticeable.

As for Alita (Rosa Salazar) she is annoying as you might expect. At first, her eyes look unnatural computer-generated. It looks fake, they’re too large and not believable. She screams at people and has an unnatural behaviour. A behaviour where fights against the weaken is bring upon. She wants to kill everyone for no clear reason. She is violent and danger. After a random meeting with Hugo (Keean Johnson), they fall in love in some pathetic way. He dies when he does something, he isn’t supposed to which Alita finds that out. She tries a lot to be a hero and save everyone, but she doesn’t need to. She doesn’t have a clear goal, even. After Hugo gets killed, she saved him to kill him once more. To conclusion: She didn’t have to save Hugo after his first death. But… he survives.

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It tries to follow some guideline of a mediocre guideline but fails to involve everything else. Everything is so exaggerating and big, that it’s difficult to follow the small details. As the plots opens up, this becomes more and more boring. Alita is a rebel throughout the movie, even when she doesn’t need to because she likes to be mean and evil. Besides that, the strongest evil characters – the antagonist and the villains, can quit so easy and so suddenly without consequences. The timeline is vague and a lot of the things that occur is inconsistent.

With a good line up as Jennifer Connelly, Christoph Waltz, Mahersala Ali and Jackie Earle Haley – it should become a good movie. A good exciting movie, but it’s not. It’s difficult to be involved in each of these characters in a good way and you just wait. Just waiting for it to be finish. With a runtime over two hours, it far too long and a big waste of money on a $200 million budget. Within the 3D version, you barely feel and experience overall three-dimensional after-effects on this movie.

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This is a movie that going to make some millions on the Box Office but won’t be that successful as it tries so desperately need.


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