Title: Cold Pursuit

Year: 2019

Genre: Action| Drama | Thriller |

Runtime: 119  min

Director:  Hans Petter Moland

Starring:  Liam Neeson, Laura Dern, Micheál Richardson




A snowplow driver seeks revenge against the drug dealers he thinks killed his son. Based on the 2014 Norwegian film ‘In Order of Disappearance’.


After Schindlers List, which Liam Neeson is probably most famous for… he rose to fame in Steven Spielberg’s drama. After some rom-com and a villainous role in Christopher Nolan Batman—trilogy. It was a small role, for sure. Then after 2012, he strokes the world with a long continuation of action-films which was based on a revenge-story in where he tracks down each of the criminals and kills them.

It’s more and more familiar in structure because that is what he has mainly done the last years, especially after his role in Taken. Most of this film admits its own failure. It tries to become aware of these problems. Sadly, that ain’t possible. It deprives so much of comical timing. It varies on how much dependable it tries to get on that subject. Most scenes have a comedic effect with some positive result. Bearing that this movie is based on a Norwegian movie from 2014 with the same plot – this feature has probably a better approach.  As it doesn’t take itself seriously, every scene is designed with a light tone. Because of that, it deprives itself as a more nuanced film that you might expect.

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Their designs of these characters are as expected flawed but they’re quite memorable and fun to watch and follow. One example is Trevor Viking Calcote (Tom Bateman), the high kingpin that Nelson (Neeson) is trying to take out. Viking has a regular life with his divorced ex-wife and son in Denver. He cares very much about his son and what he eats which they mock in some scenes. He isn’t a perfect villain and he has flaws which ironically makes him more relatable and more realistic in some way. Yes, he’s still a criminal and kills but the performance and the writing makes him more humane and believable.  Besides, the drug lord in Denver, there is a stubborn couple of policemen where the woman cares a lot about what happens in town when the policeman is ignorant and doesn’t have the same energy. The next group is the Indians and their backstory goes back to Viking and his men. They’ve fought each other for ages and why all of these happens is never really explains. A lot of things in these scenes seems to happen without a defined reason behind it.

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So, with three groups of characters in the various range of determination, ability, and purpose for the story… It feels rather crowded considering its just two hours. Everyone doesn’t have their own place filled enough to make it satisfied. All of these characters have an important purpose, but some scenes felt rushed although and it could be easier to make a more solid choice.  Laura Dern is barely in this movie and feels like a waste of time. She has a cameo and a few lines to read. A pointless character that doesn’t drive the plot forward. Liam is interested as a character, but his background is never truly explained. You just tag along through the film. Where his skills origin from is never a question. Cause why question Liam Neeson? Nels lacks remorse during the killing and he does it without hesitation. He is not even punished for his action. There’re no consequences. Does it justify the plot?

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This is an action-comedy that doesn’t take itself seriously which you shouldn’t either.


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