Escape Room (2019)

Title: Escape Room

Year: 2019

Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama |

Runtime:  99 min

Director: Adam Robitel

Starring:   Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Jay Ellis





Six strangers find themselves in a maze of deadly mystery rooms, and must use their wits to survive.


This movie is in the horror-genre without being horror based what so ever. It depicts to be involved within horror but doesn’t. Instead it’s more mystery, drama and thriller. It takes place in one location despite being several places where each of these characters discovers. Everyone needs to get to the next level to survive. It’s a simple story with six generic characters.

Even though most of these characters are flat and one-dimensioned, very few could acquire some relation to the audience. For the audience, this could be difficult to be relatable since you don’t beforehand know who is going live after these room. All of these characters are somehow randomly selected in the beginning but by the end they seem to have something in common. Everything happens by randomness and illogical choices. Just like many others horror movie, you just wait until someone dies. This happens occasionally and as you would expect it’s happens by the end of every room.

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The concept isn’t that new, and every new location feels rather uncompleted and predictable for the story.  Deborah Ann Woll, who’s best known from Marvel’s Netflix- universe which includes Daredevil and The Punisher, doesn’t do a decent job… as you might expect. As a war veteran, she doesn’t feel accurate enough to make it believable. She’s annoying and converse like she is the main character when she isn’t. She has none major role even if she tries to act like it.

Logan Miller, who plays Ben Miller, has a more complex character and feel sometimes lost. He feels more accurate and more logical compared to the rest of the ensemble. He has complexity enough to his background and feels honest to his performance. He is the male protagonist and feels important to be in the movie. Taylor Russell, who plays Zoey Davis, is the main lead and female protagonist. In the beginning she appears shy and timid which change during the film’s runtime. She’s is smart which the filmmakers take full advantage off. She is the one who sees and solves everything. Somehow Zoey does survive by the end which she fakes out. By the end, Zoey and Ben is the only survivors.

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The thrilling part of the movie feels necessary and the group doesn’t stay too long in each room. Every character feels stereotypical-made to the extent where you know their next moves. It doesn’t appear to be compelling but distracting. They aren’t that nuanced and becomes later one repetitive.  The dialogue doesn’t convey or bring the story on further. Nonetheless, it’s decent horror/thriller film that tries it’s best to bring on something new with a lot of twist and turns.

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