Title: How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
Year: 2019
 Genre: Animation| Action | Adventure | 
Runtime: 104  min
Director: Dean DeBlois
Starring: Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, F. Murray Abraham
IMDb 6,9/10



When Hiccup discovers Toothless isn’t the only Night Fury, he must seek “The Hidden World”, a secret Dragon Utopia before a hired tyrant named Grimmel finds it first.


The animation from DreamWorks usually varies in quality and with its round-character design, you sort of extract yourself from its design and narrative. Their productions were mainly founded by Steven Spielberg among others. Even though most of their animation usually did have tradition animation, all their animated movies are now computer-generated. The How to Train your Dragon-franchise is obviously one of the most successful series with short films and a six-season animated Tv-series available on Netflix. Other film-series has been Shrek, Madagascar, and Kung Fu Panda.

It should be more popular, more effective but somehow it gets overshadowed by other films. The film was genuinely distributed by Universal Pictures and they don’t overdo their best when it comes to the box-office. It’s nice to see how this Nordic mythology – inspired, concludes with the third film from its debut film back in 2010. It feels mature enough for both young and adults to appreciate these characters. It starts with a raid-scene, where Hiccup, Toothless and the others rescue dragons but leave one dragon left. It’s not overly dramatic but it’s fun and kid-friendly opening when the jokes start pouring in. But it doesn’t come near to be childish since they’ve truly embraced the adventure-feeling in a genuine way.

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The character feels authentic to the story and emotions is filled throughout the film within themes of friendship, family and love among hate and greed. Hiccup has been for a while with Toothless and this is the movie that separates them from each other to make their own lives go on. Hiccup feels rational and tries to be a good leader to everyone in its colony. A lot of references to prior films is included and a lot of deep backgrounds is introduced to these characters.

Hiccup as a character-arc works brilliantly in this film as you get to know him in a different new way. He must take difficult choices and get an insight of something he didn’t think was possible which makes him a very interesting character, as he by the end of this film makes a family on his own. Other characters, like Astrid and Valka, is quite memorable as well, to the story even if its narrative provides some predictable storylines, it has a thoughtful approach. It’s going to remind you of a kid-friendly version of Thor: Ragnarok (2017), where he as well needs to reconsider his community and the family’s future.

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Most villains in kid-films aren’t sophisticated and smart, but in this one antagonist, Grimmel has a backstory that is engaging and not all stereotypical for this genre. He’s smart and thoughtful and sometimes menacing, which shine this movie in a different light. It’s not predictable and is quite fun and exciting with its dark tone and quirky humor, it feels good to finally watch one of these computer-generated animated movies that don’t feel like a waste of time. It’s a fun and hopefully an insightful conclusion for our hero Hiccup, friends and dragons.

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