Almost two years have passed since when Disney announced to buy 21 Century Fox and to acquire their franchises. The deal is worth up to $71.3 billion dollars. The deal should even become complete this day – March 20, 2019.

The deal included for Disney to acquire all the assets Fox has in TV and films along with Fox’s entertainment and international.

21st Century Fox stated:

”Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. (“21CF”) (NASDAQ: TFCFA, TFCF) announced that it has today completed the distribution of all issued and outstanding shares of Fox Corporation (“FOX”) common stock to 21CF stockholders (other than holders of the shares held by subsidiaries of 21CF) on a pro rata basis (the “Distribution”). 21CF and FOX are now each a standalone, publicly traded company. FOX Class A common stock and FOX Class B common stock are now listed on the Nasdaq Global Select Market (“Nasdaq”) under the symbols “FOXA” and “FOX,” respectively. 21CF Class A common stock and 21CF Class B common stock, which were formerly listed on Nasdaq under the symbols “FOXA” and “FOX,” respectively, are now listed on Nasdaq under the symbols “TFCFA” and “TFCF,” respectively.”

The deal was approved by shareholders in July 2018, but it took time with approval from major shareholder from Mexico. Now, it’s closed – Fox has officially become a part of Disney’s Pixar, Marvel, and LucasFilm.

The deal will become officially done tonight but now that Walt Disney owns Fox’s X-Men and Fantastic Four, which now also are available to extend the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The downside for this international and major deal is that 4,000 employees have lost their job because of this.

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We should expect more news as time goes by…


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