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Writer Nigel Williams from ‘Catherine The Great’ movie is working on a Richard 1 period dram. report that Nigel Williams writer from Catherine The Great series are working on a ten-part period drama series based in twelfth-century Europe. It starts with telling the story with King Richard getting shipwrecked at the coast of Trieste.

“[…] Richard the Lionheart’s absence and suspected death has created a power vacuum, Arthur his designated heir by law, is being denied his rightful place as King of England by his own grandmother, Eleanor of Aquitaine. This […] Regent Queen, has no intention of relinquishing any of her power and influence. If Richard is dead, Eleanor is determined that her next son, John Lackland, will be crowned King and her status as the Regent Queen’s will remain unchallenged.  Arthur’s mother, Constance – […] ruler of Brittany – is fiercely protective and adamant that her child will secure his birthright and become King of England. […] Only one can become the King of England. “writes DEADLINE .

The series is planned to be shot in 2020 in Europe with an international cast speaking English.

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