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As Fox and Disney are basically under the same roof now, it also means that the fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe get to be slightly excited again as the known franchises are now under Disney’s command.

There’re still movies planned to be released before new character might interact with the characters from The Infinity Saga. According to the Hollywood Reporter, we don’t expect the return of Fantastic Four and X-Men until 2021 or maybe later.

Deadpool appears as well as the part of the Disney-family. Next movie after Avengers: Endgame is Spider-Man: Far from Homeafter that, it’s unclear on how or even when we will see these Marvel characters.  Two movies next year are scheduled to be released and three in 2021. Several sequels and originals are also in development; Black Panther, Doctor Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 just like Black Widow and The Eternals that goes into production this year.

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The showrunner from Fargo, Noah Hawley, is set to write a Doctor Doom film and in early 2019 he spoke to Kevin Feige, reports confirm. There have also been talks about an R-rated universe with Deadpool as he is the only one who joined Disney after the big Fox-Disney merge. Safe to say; Deadpool appears to be the only character not be rebooted.

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