James Wan Produces The Salem’s Lot Remake

James Wan, the man responsible for the Conjuring-universe and Aquaman, which both made big hits at the box office, seems to be obvious favourite at Warner Bros and New Line Cinema.

A new set of horror-movies based of Stephen King’s novels made to the screen, one way or the other. Pet Sematary, IT: Chapter One and IT: Chapter Two just as The Dark tower is some of the recent adaptation for the big screen. Wan is set to produce the vampire-film and Gary Dauberman is set to write the story. Dauberman wrote IT: Chapter One and the two Annabelle movies.


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Who the director might be, remains to be seen. For the time being, all we know is the main plot and the producers behind it. Next up for James Wan is Aquaman 2, sequel to the successful Aquaman (2018) from DC Comics.

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