Mackans Film met with Ing-Marie Halling, Curator / Creative Director and Caroline Fagerlind, Project Manager, at the pre-viewing of ABBA – the museum new Exhibition: Mamma Mia: Behind the Movie Magic.

How did this project start?

Ing-Marie: Björn Ulvaeus, one of the shareholders, had an idea about an exhibition based on the ABBA-movies on a board meeting. We put some more thought on it and we thought it would be a natural thing to make something about the movies but also the work behind it.

Caroline: We should also mention that we got this idea back in September and we´re now opening in April. That’s the time we work with exhibitions here.

Courtesy of Mackans Film

What do you want the visitors to take home from this exhibition?

 Ing-Marie: Partly, it’s for those who haven’t seen the movies. And when those visitors are here getting some interesting facts about the work behind the movies. How everything worked out and how they worked behind the cameras.

What’s your relationship to ABBA?

Caroline:  My relationship with ABBA started back in 2010 when I had the opportunity to work with the exhibition tour. First, I worked with images and I’m still here.

Ing-Marie: My relationship with ABBA started when I first met them at the Borgholm ruins and boyfriend played guitar with ABBA. Thereafter I came along on their tour in 1977 and worked with their costumes and make-up. Then I worked in the film industry for a while and in 2008 I came back to the museum.

Courtesy of Mackans Film

How is it like to show the ABBA-museum to the rest of the world?

Caroline:  To be able to showcase the Swedish heritage of music-culture and the treasure it is, to have everything collected on the same spot and show it for the next generation is an honor. Really, it’s an honor. In so many ways, we want to share the emotion ABBAs music has provided for so many listeners.

Ing-Marie: I think it’s so thrilling that everyone was so fun in this house and see the people show interest, laugh, dance and cheering. That’s when you’re home.

What’s your best memory of ABBA?

Caroline:  I must say the best memory with ABBA is that I got to meet all four of them when we did the interviews. Very fun to meet all four of them.

Ing-Marie:  For me, it has been the tours because it has been so much fun tours with fun people and does four people are easy to work with. We had so much fun.. and of course the music […]

Do you’ve any future plans in the making?

Caroline:  You never know–

Ing-Marie:  There is a plan but we can’t talk about it.

Caroline:  But officially is this exhibition open to April next year (2020).

Courtesy of Mackans Film
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