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Deadpool is one of Marvels most popular character and now there’s a rumor about the Merc with the Mouth joins the rest of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to MCU Cosmic,  there is a rumor that Deadpool is might be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  The options that they have considered:

  • A new solo film, like Deadpool 3
  • A limited series from Disney+
  • Wade Wilson as guest-star in the third Spider-man

That Wilson would join the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man would, in fact, be the optimal choice as these two characters have had many encounters before. Other choices could happen as well. Less likely is the Disney+ series as it is a platform that needs a PG-13 rating for it’s younger audiences. Deadpool could actually work with that rating but fairly trustworthy that it happens.

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Considering that Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) is integrated to the X-Men films, it would actually be interesting on how they convey him in the future story and the aftermath of The Infinity Saga.

For the time being, this is just a rumor that is spreading like wildfire but with Deadpool in the MCU, it could be so much fun to watch.

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