SF STUDIOS To Distribute Östlund’s Next Movie

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2019)

Photo: Jacovides-Borde-Moreau Bestimatt / TT Nyhetsbyrån

In a press release, SF STUDIOS writes that the studio has bought the Nordic distributions right for the upcoming movie by Ruben Östlund. The new movie “Triangle of Sadness”, for which Östlund has written and directs, is a new satiric story that takes place in the world of fashion, hierarchy and a desert island.

“TRIANGLE OF SADNESS will be an existential crackle; thoughtful, provocative and entertaining. The stake is as usual high set and right now, the wildest scene of film history is planned. On a luxury yacht, in a storm, passengers struggle with sea sickness and label during a captain’s dinner. There will be served fermented herring , ” Ruben Östlund says.

Erik Hemmendorf produces the movie together with Plattform Produktion. The movie itself is Östlund most ambitious project so far and has a budget on 100 million SEK. It is also the first English debut for the director.

“With THE SQUARE and TURIST, Ruben has become one of the world’s most sought-after directors. The success has created a unique opportunity to say something striking about our time, it creates desire and energy. The collaboration with SF studios feels quite right and at the same time necessary. When Ruben’s project has grown in size, a distributor with muscles is needed, ” Erik Hemmendorff says.

“Triangle of Sadness” is set to premiere in 2021.


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