Annabelle Comes Home (2019)

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2019)


Title: Annabelle Comes Home

Year: 2019

Genre: Horror | Mystery | Thriller|

Runtime: 106 min

Director: Gary Dauberman

Starring: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, McKenna Grace

imdb 6,6/10

While babysitting the daughter of Ed and Lorraine Warren, a teenager and her friend unknowingly awaken an evil spirit trapped in a doll.


Sometimes a new film in a movie-series necessary, sometimes it is not. Stories that continue the storyline to the greater good, brings a deeper meaning to the world-building setting. It could and should help to build character and have a dynamic approach to the franchise. Solo: A Star Wars Story, that depicts how all the events before the origin Star Wars is also an origin story to make the character more likable, to a certain degree. Most of these movies get a lot of budgets to make the story real. Some movie does succeed further along and breaks several records on the box-office. Some fail immensely. This showcase also the demand from the audience, that some producers tend to easily ignore. Some who ignores this fact is how someone decided to produce Annabelle Comes Home and release it.

We get it. It worked with the first movie that is one of the best ghost-house movies, but now it’s has a pathetic tone over it all. With a movie about a nun, two Conjuring movies, three movies about a doll and a horror-movie about an old legend.

So, as it is showed in the trailers, The Warrens is starring in this movie, but you’ll be disappointed if you would expect that they would have a major role in this. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are barely in this movie. They’ll be there at the beginning and the end. Otherwise, they are absent from the house.  As this movie takes place at the beginning of two scenes in first The Conjuring (2013). This is also called as a Miquel or an interquel, which is a rare sort of genre. This is instead a shared concept of Night at the Museum.  A few characters are trap in building and the old artifact comes to life, but instead of a museum, it’s Warrens home. Instead of good and competent actors, you’re now stuck with three lead that doesn’t give a reasonable emotion in their performance.

Much of these characters decisions or reaction to the events feel exaggerated. There are some scary scenes and you hope some of these actors are going to be killed. But that’s fucking impossible. Why this happened, bring this movie to an anti-climactic story as everyone survived. There wasn’t real effect on neither of these characters. Almost that it wasn’t necessary. All for nothing, almost. It drains you with fear but in the end, it’s a tasteless experience of characters that doesn’t fill any effort or reason for the rest of the franchise, as I wrote before.

Just as expected, the visual and the music was underwhelming. It does not function or capture the audience with its bland choice of soundtrack and computer-generated effects. The cinematography has a stealth approach as it feels robust and hard. The camera often showcases the narrative, not the other way around.

This movie is unnecessary, as it doesn’t bring the new effective storyline to the franchise. It’s a failure in context and as a movie. It’s a pale addition in one of the popular growing franchises today.


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