Bonding (2019-)

Title: BONDiNG

Year: 2019-

Genre: Comedy | Drama |

Seasons: 1 |

Runtime: 107 min

Creator: Rightor Doyle

Starring:  Zoe Levin, Brendan Scannell, Micah Stock

imdb 7,3/10

A New York City grad student moonlighting as a dominatrix enlists her gay BFF from high school to be her assistant.


Most series is longer but this series about the world of dominatrix, acceptance, and boundaries proves it doesn’t need much time to provide the right and enough information to understand the character and their need.  It follows the life of Tiffany and Pete or their nicknames: Mistress May and Carter. Pete is gay and tries to make money for rent. He also works at a restaurant. Tiff is a university student, who works as a dominatrix at nights. Both know each other from high school and are old friend, which is fairly explored throughout the series.

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The execution of cinematography feels clean and modern, but the dialogue is fresh and modern. They give a lot of exposition throughout the series but with cultural references. If you want naked or nudity, they have censured most of the sex scenes so it is limited. It’s a very character-based show where they drive the story forward, as nothing doesn’t happen by accident. It has all the ingredients that fulfill the major purpose of the show an keep you entertained along the way.

Both of the actors in the lead does a good job to make it believable and develop their character to something new by the end of it.  Just as the timing of comedy or the drama, it has a smart and direct way to tell an emotionally driven story, sometimes witty and uncomfortable one. Yet it stays mainly true to what it wants to tell and pulls the parallels to the university in a classic and mediocre way but in a new perspective. A new perspective that actually makes sense for all of these characters. As their relationship evolves and surrounds the essence of the work and their friendship, it feels real and interesting as it shows a different dark comedy show with fair use of nudity, but a severe use of fucks and other curses.

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It’s a series that’s easy to absorb in one sitting, it’s barely two hours long material. You could buy a movie ticket that way more expensive. It could be worth to take look. You really don’t need to like the LGBTQ storylines even because the actors and the scripts make it enough believable and realistic. It’s fun and exciting, the pace even works perfectly too. It makes you thirst for more, which is a direction in the right direction too. If the second season would be confirmed, it would be interesting in how they would tell these characters furthermore.

Grade 3 of 5
Grade 3 of 5
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