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Kevin Feige has said in an interview that the next movie for Spider-Man will be different than the previous one, mostly considering the middle post-credit scene.

This article includes spoilers for Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

Feige mentioned about the outcome for the third Spider-man, a movie that probably arrives in 2021, following Sony release-schedule. Kevin talked about the effect the first Iron Man had on its sequel as his identity was revealed.

Fandango: The mid-credits scenes in this film were pretty significant. Should we assume that the Peter’s reveal will be a major storyline moving forward for Spider-Man?

Kevin Feige: I think so. Much like the end of Iron Man, saying, okay, the rules have changed. Which now means we’re going to have to do something completely different next time. The how and the when and the specifics can change and evolve, but setting yourself up for something that has never been done before… at the end of Iron Man, it was a hero publicly outing himself so that in the next movies and all subsequent movies, we couldn’t fall back on the secret identity trope which had been part of Iron Man’s story for decades in the comics. And now people know Peter’s identity. People now think he’s a villain, Mysterio plays one last trick on him and succeeds… [so that] means everything’s different. Where it goes, we’ll see. But it’s exciting that it once again sets us up for a Peter Parker story that has never been done before on film.

This quote from the Marvel Studios president himself suggests that Peter is more in a risk-zone and has to be more careful, as everyone knows his identity now.

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The interview goes on to about the Kree-part of the post-credits and Kevin Feige is mysterious as always.

Fandango: Of course! So is this Kree-Skrull situation going to continue and become something significant in the next phase?

Kevin Feige: Well, that Kree-Skrull war was a big part of the comics and a big part of the Captain Marvel mythology that we wanted to build into. And there’ll be lots of questions like, what was Captain Marvel up to in the 20-plus years between when she flew away at the end of Captain Marvel to when she appears in Endgame? That particular line, though, is one of the handful of Easter eggs sprinkled throughout the film that Maria or Fury say that give an indication that something’s different about them.

Fury does things earlier in the film where he refers to the earth to Peter as “your world,” instead of “our world.” And when you watch it for the first time, it just goes by. But when you watch it a second time, knowing what’s coming, it’s fun to see that they’re there. And Jon Watts is very good at laying in those Easter eggs.


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