Streaming Services has been a Cluster of the digitalization that we’re about to embrace. It’s a constant movement. A continuous change that is adapting to the civilization of the internet, that we all have to be a part of.

  Within the changes and the meaning of the internet and be able to watch your favourite series and movies-on-demand, has become a standard value for the ordinary consumer. The importance of movies has been elaborated to a specific type of media. A particular type of content that draws their specific point and now maybe to the end of no return.

NetflixHBO and Amazon Prime are some of the major networks that acquired a broad base of paying consumers. These streaming platforms are also what most people are familiar with. They’ve different fees as well. The more expensive, the more exclusive right do you have as an audience member. As a consumer, these three services don’t include HuluDPlayCMoreCBS All Access, NBC or even DC Universe plus Apple’s streaming-services- AppleTV+. Add also DisneyPlus, Disney owns most exclusive and probably the most content-filled service in a new format to date. Then there is also WarnerMedia, that is about to launch next year. Most of these services go around $8.99 up to $14.99 in the monthly subscription cost.

Netflix, one of the first of these services to move forward in the way we watch on-demand, has a monthly rate of $8.99, HBO has whopping in $14.99 in the subscription cost. Amazon Prime cost $12.99. It is combining only three of these services cost over 30 USD or $37. That is only per month. Ironically, that would cost about $440 in annual expenses. With Disney’s new streaming service, this is a sign for a possible future outcome, the result of millions of consumers who watch movies and series whenever they like.

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Although it might be all glory, as Netflix increased the price for their US subscribers, they have lost a significant cluster of followers. It doesn’t mean something but could indicate that these services are not permanent. So close to tap and watch a video in front of your eyes.

Netflix has had a reliable supply of tremendous and entertainment content, filled with hours to your needs, but as the competition has grown, the desperate mind has shown more frequently. As this company doesn’t have the same content on every app depending on what region and country, you’re in, the value of their content is abysmal. It forfeits the purpose, also that the Nordic consumers pay more than the North Americans. The material has focused on a more progressive and political take which is not necessary for it to take. It demeans every purpose for this service when they try to change the outcome for this platform. One other thing they should improve is how

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HBO, on the other hand, doesn’t give the sole premium sense that Netflix has, it’s like a cheaper version of it. But HBO has premium content, and it knows how to acquire series and movies to gain publicity and subscribers. But the platform interface and the system are worse as you can’t download any of your content in offline mode. Most of the files get constantly interrupted with no meaning, whatsoever. This is what you’re paying for – a destructive platform that fails to keep the default mode in every way.

Amazon is, as you already know, an online shopping company that bought in from other sources. Their streaming services are getting more and more premium content to make it worth it. The content is solid, and the interface within the design is simple and straightforward. You can download with this, as well. It is far cheaper than the other two mentioned. It doesn’t have all but works better than HBO and has better and more fresh content than NetflixNetflix is far behind, and they’ve to change if they want to come back.

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Hopefully, there’s going to be a service shortly that provide one platform-services that collects all the major platforms. Yes, there would be some legal issues and content rights, but Disney did buy Fox for $71.3 billion. Disney could also buy the rest of these platforms. Who knows? They already own Hulu and ABC. But there’s still a lot of streaming services, and the cost doesn’t decrease, exactly.

So, is it worth it? Is it worth to spend thousands of dollars every year on these platforms? The things are that the digital content audience is so soaked up of this market, so dependable of entertainment in their way. In this way, with this growth and interest, the extension might soon overshadow the cinema experience.

If it worth to you to spend this much, it’s really, really up to you depending on your preferences…


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