Credit: Marvel

Marvel Studios shared some news about Phase 4 at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and has in fact phase 5 already planned out.

Reports says, somewhere in the near future, it seems that Marvel Studios plans actually to introduce planet-eating Galactus together with Tyrant. As Galactus is more known, Tyrant is a villain, created of Galactus. Both Tyrant and Galactus have some history between each other and had an epic war together until Galactus sends him off to deep space.

Question is where these two characters would show up. Probably in a later phase but an introduction or a mention by is still a possibility in a Nova-movie, a third Guardians of the Galaxy or the confirmed The Eternals.

Silver Surfer has some connection to Galactus but it would be interesting how they would convey the planet-eating character as the visual aspect has been a challenge before.  It seems that Marvel Studios aims to expand the universe and the cosmic part of MCU is just getting bigger.

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