Marvel Studios Loses Spider-Man After Dispute With Sony Pictures


Photo: Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

Photo: Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

Something not many has expected that would be revealed today was that Marvel Studios broke their collaboration with Sony Pictures over Spider-Man.

With Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios President, out of the picture it would mean that he doesn’t will continue to produce the next two movies and its connection without to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is shattering and surprising as Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) just crossed the $1 billion mark. An uneasy move from the Sony Pictures part of the whole conflict, which has also led that Sony stock has dropped as this news broke online.

The next two movies with Jon Watts and Tom Holland is still being planned but with no involvement in the MCU. Feige has dominated the box-office with his latest two Avengers-movie and this is a certain bold move from Sony. And as Disney offered 50-50 co-financing between the studios, Sony declined the offer.

With Spider-Man introduced in the MCU for 4 years ago, it’s unexpected to make this decision but Sony claims that they’ll be fine. Tom Rothman and Tony Vinciquerra from Sony Pictures says they’re not giving up their share of the right for this popular character.

Latest updates tells that this deal is still on-going and the two studios is still negotiating, but is unlikely to go well for Feige.


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