Mindhunter S02

Title: Mindhunter

Year: 2017-

Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller|

Seasons: 1| 2|

Runtime: 60 min/ Episode

Creator: Joe Penhall

Starring: Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, Anna Torva



Set in the late 1970s, two FBI agents are tasked with interviewing serial killers to solve open cases.


David Fincher has managed himself to become one Dr of the world most recognized man as he is the director behind Se7en, Fight Club, House of Cards and more. His works have a distinctive look and aspire to have a psychedelic approach to the material. His works are beautifully shot with precision as he continues to tell compelling stories.

He continues to make stories that he actually cares for and does it with a aesthetic and appealing storytelling. The way the technique is applied to Netflix own TV-Series Mindhunter. It’s a psychological approach to how serial killer works and thinks. Taking inspiration from the world most notorious killer, it delves deep and harnesses these criminal minds and have affected their surroundings in a negative way.

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Because of the violent crimes and the description it puts times in, the violence might be disturbing for some people. It doesn’t use the crime but instead studies it methodical to understand the behavior behind it.

The character has a resembles series like True Detective or Fargo where the two doesn’t always come over their arguments.it also isn’t like every other cop show, it has class and dignity in a smart and sophisticated way, which is necessary as it’s dark and eerie at some time but rary scary. Jonathan Groff, grows in his role in a strategic way, under his involvement in this project. The project is also for some time under restriction at the FBI.

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The second season that was released in 2019, provided a deeper look into these characters and their cases. Even more psychological terror is put on as a notorious killer such as Charles Manson is introduced. He’s the key part of an episode and is great written for the fictional reality. Just as the actor that portrays him in this maniac state. He’s a joy to watch as he’s written exclusively for the series and it showcase also the potential for upcoming seasons.

It doesn’t have the ultimate violence but the concept it has once more proved is that it doesn’t need so much violence to give it the story you need. Although the second season was a little of a let down in terms of quality writing and execution for the plotline. A lot of this season is dedicated and focused full-hearted to extract the Atlanta Child Killings. It has some interesting moments but this plot tool makes things far too slow and becomes repetitive.

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It feels like there’s more stories to tell to this format. It’s has a winning concept and is binge-worthy, both season. Much has changed between the seasons apart and conclude some questions that needed to be answered.


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