Title: The Terror

Year: 2018-

Genre: Adventure | Drama | Historic |

Seasons: 1| 2|

Runtime: 60 min/ Episode

Creator:  David Kajganich, Max Borenstein, Alexander Woo

Starring: Jared Harris, Tobias Menzies, Paul Ready

imdb  8,0/10

In 1848, two real-life warships, HMS Terror and HMS Erebus, sent on a Royal Naval expedition to find the treacherous Northwest Passage become trapped in ice near the Arctic and face starvation, mutiny, cannibalism, and a monstrous polar bear.


Believe it or not, AMC The Terror is an original series that is actually based on true events yet most are fictional and something the screenwriter for the series own imaginations. The series follows a group of sailing man that is stranded on a location in Antarktis. They have been there for months and doesn’t know if someone is going out to save them of this expedition set in the complex world of the 1800-century.

With a cutting-edge performance from Jared Harris in the lead, it keeps thing interesting. If it wasn’t because of him, he was the events wouldn’t have the same impact. The supporting cast brings also a believable performance to a certain degree. The series is very slow-paced at certain points and at sometimes it might retract you as an audience. The build-up, in the beginning, pays off to the rest of the season. Just keep in mind that this is a limited series and doesn’t have continuation afterward.

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The visual effects could have been better and at sometimes the contrast-filled cinematography makes the fictional world feel rougher than what it really is. It could also mean it’s really hard to see what it supposes to be. It has as well a philosophical tone over it as it tries to explore survival instinct and then have decent made CGI-Monster aka Polar Bear, to serve as the supernatural aspect and the horror of that. It also brings a relationship of brotherhood as they are supposed to look after each other.

The best thing with this series is the way it is shot, it makes the character’s performance feel even more fulfilling. The cinematography is the best element for the series. The plot is good and interesting at the start but that’s before the writing gets carried away. With the best scenes, it provides the best and the most compelling story for the series, it is not that very much balance, but it also feels like that it has a purpose why it tells their story in this specific way. It’s also redeemable to notice that this is a series before 2018, which was a year where most of the future TV-series brought a different tone to every series possible. a story doesn’t need to be progressive to tell a worthy and a compelling story, a story that is truthful to their main characters.

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It combines this historical aspect in a balanced matter and the first episodes so of the season is the best ones mostly for the intensive build-up it tries to give as they say there is something out there. This tension also gives the action-scenes a far more impact if it didn’t have it. It has the best and low moment but as a limited series, it works even with-it slow-paced moments and WTF-moment as well. A good one if you’re interested in horror element taking place in a period drama.


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