Toy Story 4 (2019)


Title: Toy Story 4

Year: 2019

Genre: Animation| Adventure | Comedy

Runtime: 100 min

Director:  Josh Cooley

Starring: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Annie Potts

imdb 8,2/10




When a new toy called “Forky” joins Woody and the gang, a road trip alongside old and new friends reveals how big the world can be for a toy.


What started as the first computer-animated movie, has spun to be one of the best franchises that Pixar and Disney have ever provided. In terms of what they mean to the audience.  they have had some of the successful film-series and what Pixar has done for the entertainment industry. The last time this was in the spotlight was 9 year, 2010 when Toy Story 3 hit the cinema. That was a global hit and marked this series for good and gain even more popularity. The third installment gave us a more in-depth look in the world of Woody and Buzz. 

The animation was groundbreaking for the third movie but for this one, it was even better in terms of creating realistic-looking characters but actually keeping the presence of animated characters and the essence of these beloved characters.

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No one other than Tom Hanks and Tim Allen would be able to create the perfect emotions just through the voice-acting. Hanks is a personal favorite of mine and provide even more emotional connection now than before, mostly because he most make a difficult decision that he’s afraid that he, later on, will regret. There’s more emotion at stake than before, emotion to lose the thing Woody loved in the past or take something newly found for the future. To sacrifice something to give another a new life. Tim Allen’s Buzz Lightyear also discovers himself with this in a similar way that he did in the second movie.  

As they discover a new thing in this fourth movie, new characters give the old ones a more desired character-arc. Even though this is a movie that is designed to be fun, exciting and emotional told.  The character that sort appears cruel in the beginning turns out, to be a character from a certain trauma and just wants to love. It doesn’t all fall through to be the good standard but it’s better than most of the movies available today.

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some of these plot points diverge in a way that has been a common norm for the modern cinema. It doesn’t mean it’s wrong but the way the character acts is very markable. This suggests that this character has to behave in a certain way to even be able to move on. It doesn’t all has to be integrated into the fictional world. But most of today movie is about the main character does his final mission and give the responsibility to some other characters. That is probably the most dangerous thing about the latest movie, it can’t do something on their own but just have to share the same traits of other movies or TV-Series. 

And as this is a movie where most of the movie is on a road trip it also suggests that the Toy Story franchise is headed to a different direction than before. Woody isn’t longer the sheriff in town, Forky is alive and well with his female friend. Forky is even given his own TV-Series, Bo Peep is also having her own short film for DisneyPlus, Disney’s own streaming service.

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By this far, this is an expansion movie. a movie that explores the franchise to higher ground. To tell stories from other parts of this world. It is also a way to continue the story after twenty years, since the beginning. A world that all in the audience may enjoy. And this movie would be the perfect way to end this wonderful franchise.


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