IT: Chapter Two (2019)

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It Chapter (2019)


Title: IT: Chapter Two

Year: 2019

Genre: Horror |

Runtime: 169 min

Director:  Andy Muschietti

Starring: Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader

imdb 7,4/10

Twenty-seven years after their first encounter with the terrifying Pennywise, the Losers Club have grown up and moved away, until a devastating phone call brings them back.




IT (2017) brought the attention of this remake series to a new level. Even with the young cast in the spotlight, it shows potential on how to make a great horror with some interesting storytelling artifacts and engaging character. 2 years later, 27 years later in the movie surrounding Derry, it tries very hard to replicate the essence of what the first film had to offer. The grown-up’s counterpart to the young cast shares some similar and consistency within the characters, the persona the young cast has is transferred to the adult cast.

James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, and Isaiah Mustafa, James Ransone feels authentic to their younger self.  Jay Ryan doesn’t. You don’t get to know that much of Andy Bean’s version of Stanley. Yes, he was a minor character, but he died way too early to let you even have a chance to get to know the adult character.  He’s an important part of the plot but he’s gone way too soon.

James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain are clearly highlighted for the director of this movie. But they’re not the best actor whatsoever from this cast. Bill Hader proved that he doesn’t need to do a comedy to acting well. Because that is what all he has ever done. But he makes a good impression of Richie and James Ransone provides the hypochondriac Eddie to the fullest. Therefore, Hader and Ransone gave the best performance of the adult characters.

For 2 years ago, IT was displayed as a tragedy and you almost felt sorry for these characters. Andy Mushietti and Gary Dauberman, the director, and the screenwriter took everything that was good from the first movie and throwed it all out. This movie, the sequel to a successful blockbuster-horror film, had a hybrid and clearly lost their minds. Because most of the movie is surrounded by flashbacks and overused CGI. Computer-animated monster and odd-looking creatures gives the tone of the whole movie a surreal feeling. It removes instantly what the first movie had and adds a hybrid retelling of the first. It’s like a remake of the first movie but way messier.

The tension about IT might be around the corner or someone who you think would trust is gone and makes the storyline with the constant flashbacks of their younger self. We don’t need to know everything they did that summer if you already saw the first movie. We would understand the concept and why this is necessary.

Many storylines and choices by some of the characters don’t make sense either. A lot of the characters seems to have a lot of issues to stay or go from Derry. It takes most of the movie to make everybody of the cast stay and fight for the cause the promised each other as kids.

As a group, the horror doesn’t work well. As Bill, McAvoy, goes tries to help the boy who lives in his old house, was a good sense because of the editing, music, and cinematography on top of the acting. That was one of the best scenes because it was intense and showcased on how to build tension. Character running around from a big spider of Pennywise doesn’t help. A lot of thing in the third act doesn’t make that much sense.

We even got a long cameo of Stephen King and full of references from, later on, that doesn’t prolong the story but only for him to show himself apparently. There’s a lot of jokes from Bill Hader, some good and some are not. He’s really the one who feels like his younger self in this mess. Not to mention that Eddie dies in the final act.  So only 2 of 7 dies in this horror -movie…

The movie starts on with Bill gets a phone call on the set for his own movie that he writes. Bill and the other who talks about how films should be made, and the ending is hard. That should also apply here. Maybe it was also intentional because it’s clear that Gary Dauberman had some difficult time to conclude this story, with some predictable elements that don’t go lost.

I wish they could have done better, IT: Chapter Two was a fun and exciting ride but there were too many pieces loose because clearly, they had a hard time with the struggle. Something big is missing.





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