‘Seinfeld’ Joins Netflix In 2021

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2019)
seinfeld(The cast of “Seinfeld, “Courtesy of NBC)

This Monday Netflix shared the news that the big giant streaming platform will have all 180 episodes of the Emmy-winning series by 2021. 


It looks like Netflix got the final laugh in their brawl with HBO-owner WarnerMedia who announced July this year that they were taking back the iconic sitcom Friends, along with making Pretty Little Liars and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air available to their platform HBO Max.

Back in December 2018, Netflix spent $100 million to keep Friends until the end of this year, and now WarnerMedia spent $425 million to get the series by 2020.

When it comes to Seinfeld, it was also originally scheduled to move over to HBO Max when the contract with it’s current platform Hulu, which was also owned by WarnerMedia, ran out the end of 2020. But the platform was sold to Disney in May 2019, through the conglomerate who bought out Comcast’s Hulu share.

With that Netflix sneaked in and topped bids to acquire the global streaming rights for the series. Even though Netflix can now stream it 2021, Seinfeld is still partly owned by WarnerMedia, CBS and the show’s two co-creators, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David.

Sources: Rolling Stone