Albert Hughes Hired As Director In “North Hollywood” Movie

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2019)
North hollywood - 44 minutes, new movie

Credit: Buena Vista/44 Minutes

North Hollywood, the feature film about the real-life deadly shootout on Victory Boulevard in 1997, has hired Albert Hughes as the director.

The story tells the story about the true events when LAPD and bank robbers faced off in a gun shootout early in the moorning., taking place on San Fernando Valley streets. The suspect was killed, along with 12 officers and eight bystanders injured. There were up to 2,000 rounds of ammo around buildings and parked cars.

North Hollywood is a gritty, ultra-realistic action thriller and Albert is the perfect filmmaker to bring such a kinetic, powerful true story to the screen. This is a very exciting project for us to partner on with our friends at Stampede.”

Greg Silverman’s Stampede and Liza Zambri is set to produce the thriller together with Cedar Park and AGC Studios‘ Stuart Ford.  The movie itself is pen by Russell Gurwitz with an early start next year for production start with no ensemble cast announced yet.

“Albert is the dream partner to bring this story to life with his signature style and authentic eye for detail,” Silverman said. “We’re beyond thrilled to be working with him. This is an incredible true story many of us remember, and Russell’s script is just electric — a staggering work of drama and violence fueled by media obsession. It’s a cautionary tale for the world we find ourselves in.”

Hughes has prior to this movie directed The Book of Eli. There’s also a movie showcasing these true-events as 44 minutes from 2003, aired on FX, starred Michael Madsen in the leading role.




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