HBO Cancels Game Of Thrones Prequel Series

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2019)

                                                                                                                                           Courtesy of HBO

No more future for the Game of Thrones prequel that was starring Naomi Watts and written by Jane Goldman.  

This news has not yet been confirmed by HBO, but showrunner Jane Goldman has informed both cast and crew that this series won’t be happening.

This prequel-series was written by a writer from Kingsman, and the creator himself, George R.R. Martin has been denied the development that was supposed to be taking place several thousands of years before the original series took place.

Confusing as this is, this project was greenlighted back in June 2018, HBO has other projects taking place in Westeros that is in development.  One of those that has been moving forward is the prequel-series that took place 300 years before the events in the original series, that was focusing on House Targaryen.

However, investors at WarnerMedia – the owner of HBO is planning to revive this project as they themselves are conducting their own streaming-service under the WarnerMedia flagship. HBO Max is one of the all-new streaming-services that has raised lately.