Mary (2019)

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2019)

Title: Marymary

Year: 2019

Genre: Horror |

Runtime: 84 min

Director: Michael Goi

Starring: Gary Oldman, Emily Mortimer, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo


A family looking to start a charter-boat business buys a ship that holds terrifying secrets once out on isolated waters.


I went into this film with big hopes, mostly thanks to Gary Oldman were in the lead but unfortunately, I ended the film Mary disappointed. Not because of Oldman though.

The overall plot is easy to follow but the way the filmmakers execute it was awful. I understand that this about a struggling family starting a charter-boat business to “run away” from their problems at home, which firsts only seems to be economic problems but half-way through we’re told that it’s emotional too with the secret of wife’s cheating getting out.

When it comes to the supernatural part of the story, the family only gets cursed and harassed by a body-snatching demon because of the husband who buys the boat. Everything feels so rushed and cut, especially with how the cheating-wife-plotline just comes out of nowhere while the spooky-ness starts and doesn’t get hinted at all in beginning. You’ll understand that they have money-issues and that it’s hard on their relationship, especially when the husband blows a big cut of it, on a scrappy boat behind his wife. The cheating just comes as shock and doesn’t affect the overall climax – they only have a quick fight about it in the middle of the spooky-ness and that’s where the husband admits that’s why he really wanted out on the sea – to get away from her one-night-stand.

The wife acknowledges his admission but right when she does it the spooky-ness continues again – the same way it did before. To keep my criticisms simple – this is a family with a lot of problems that only happen to be cursed by accident. I would love to have known about the betrayal earlier and have a real connection between them and the curse.

The demon only wants to drown the wife and the two daughters for some reason that don’t get explained. The monster itself doesn’t get enough screen-time, only showing up in the frame for like fifteen seconds in the end while fighting the wife after killing the husband. The director, Michael Goi, should have made a deeper connection between the family’s problems and the demon.

The cast was not as good that I expected, but I wouldn’t say that’s their fault, more likely the script. I like Gary Oldman in this role, and he did a good job with executing his character. I only wished that his character was written better. He’s such a good actor and you can see the passion in his eyes when he delivers these half-ass lines.

This project could’ve been good if they only rewrote the script several times more. While the cast and the overall production were decent with for example the camera- and special effects work. They were the elements that kept you in the seat, not because you felt a connection with them; It was because you appreciated that they were at least trying. I guess and hope that this film’s failures are because of studio interference and not creative decisions, which often is the reason for these results.

I thank the crew who gave their fullest attempt, but I wouldn’t recommend this film for anyone.


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