‘Mr. Robot’ Season 4 Viewership Down After 2-Year Leave

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(Last Updated On: November 7, 2019)

                                                                       Courtesy of Scott McDermott / USA Network /

After 2 years of waiting, the fans can again watch their favorite hacker Elliot and his advantages. Season 4 of the successful series had its premiere Sunday last week, but this time to lower ratings. 

The series follows Elliot,  a brilliant young cyber-security engineer turned unstable vigilante hacker, fighting corrupt corporations along with his shadowy allies.

A crime drama starring stars like Rami Malek and Christian Slater, which is created by Sam Esmail, who got a 0.22 rating in the adults 18-49 demographic at its 2017 Season 3 premiere, but Sunday’s viewing got lowered to a .13 rating, along with a dip in viewership from nearly 680,000 to approximately 440,000. Other notable changes for this latest and last season, it’s that they have moved their TV-spot, from Wednesdays to Sundays which puts the acclaimed series in the path of Sunday Night Football and The Walking Dead.

After Mr. Robot (2015–)  had it’s 2015 debut with Season 1, it earned a Golden Globe for best drama series, and another for co-star Christian Slater, along with an Emmy for star Rami Malek. The series became a critically acclaimed pop culture phenomenon.

This season will be about 13 episodes and end with the series-final in December.


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