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New Line Cinema Produces An Untitled Feature; Erotic Thriller In Focus

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2019)



New Line Cinema / WarnerMedia Company

New Line Cinema has bought a script for an untitled movie with a mind-bending with an Asian American in the lead.

Nothing is about logline has not been revealed.  The writer has sold an original feature script An Affair to Die For. John Cho, prior to starring in Searching, is set to produce with Mary Lee from A-Frame. Elliott San has struggled earlier, two years ago, with Leukaemia. He traveled for a time to Chicago and then returned to Los Angeles to proceed with his writing of the script and screenwriting. also reports that Netflix has released An Affair to Die For.  It’s also reported that the screenwriter has the talent to combine genres and personal experience.  Searching, starring John Cho, grossed over $75 on the box office, worldwide.  He’s also expected to star in The Grudge, which premieres 2020, from Screen Gems. He has also starred in Between Ferns: The Movie.