Nova Soon To Debut In MCU

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2019)





For a long time, there have been rumors about the character Nova, is set to debut in MCU a there might be happening for sure now.

Nova is, according to MCU Cosmic, an important character for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe. A powerful one that is even planned to debut in the fifth phase of MCU.  Not a lot is confirmed for this character’s first appearance for the MCU. Nothing much at all.

However, with phase five approaching quickly, it could mean since the confirmed date we got for this period is Black Panther II with a release date for May 6, 2022. The remaining slot, however, to be announced for this phase is February and July the same year. Then 2023 hasn’t had any movie at all confirmed.

Since this is an unconfirmed rumor surrounding this character, there is an opening for him to appear in the second Captain Marvel or Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3. So, in a couple of years, maybe next SDCC or D23, we’ll know for sure the answer.




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