Green Eggs and Ham (2019-): Season 1

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2019)

Green Eggs and Ham

Title: Green Eggs and Ham

Year: 2019

Genre:  Adventure |Animation |Comedy |

Season: 1|

Runtime: 25 min/episode

Creator:  Jared Stern

Starring: Michael Douglas, Diane Keaton Adam Devine

imdb  8,7/10


An animated series based on the popular Dr. Seuss story “Green Eggs and Ham.”




There aren’t many times to come across a series of this calibre. To be engaged in this story should be a rare occasion, but it probably isn’t. The story follows a failed inventor named Guy, voiced by legendary Michael Douglas and Sam-I am, voiced by Adam Devine, a mysterious friend.

They come across in a diner where they serve green eggs and ham, where they by accident switches briefcases. Becoming briefcase-buddies and then best-friends. Executive produced by Ellen DeGeneres and an excellent cast with Diane Keaton and John Turturro included in the cast as well, this has a particular promise of good quality.

Produced by Netflix, a budget of 6 million dollars per episode and a 13 episode-run, it bodes well and appreciation for the work. The animation is out of the world as it’s consistently and feels fresh compared to today’s 3D and pale version that afflict and construct something so compelling as it should be.

The animation is fresh because it connects with the audience, it also seems that four years of work pay off, it reluctantly showcases that the producers cared for the quality and kept it resistance throughout this series.

As this series targets children from 7 years and up, the plot is simple and easy to follow. But the character is so distinctive and so lovable, it hard to not follow their quest to Meepville. The characters have all some similar characteristics, but there is still enough to differentiate all of these characters. To make them unique and lovable yet.

There is something that is deeply carved in this series; it might be portrayed as a simplistic series, but this series is good enough to surpass that alternative. It dignifies completely the way it should be written and in terms of the correct audiences. It provides a grander insight in the optimistic world from Dr Seuss, something to return to, something to flee to when this world doesn’t functionalize proper anymore.

With whimsical dialogue both from character and narrator – yes, the narrator is very much included in the story, it gives you hope never to give up and teach the audience in an entertaining way to choose a legitimate means by following your dreams and not giving up to it. It touches areas of friendship, loyalty and love.

The first season is undoubtedly educational and entertaining for anyone from 7 years and up.


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