HBO Max Ordered ”Grease” Spinoff

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2019)
Prequel -greasee

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Musical Grease that was early on a popular pop-culture musical from 1978 and now have HBO Max even ordered a spinoff for the movie.

The new series is expected to place at Rydell High, Danny and Sandy’s old school. HBO Max clears out the purpose of the series in a statement.:

“Grease: Rydell High” reimagines the movie with some familiar character, as well as a host of new ones. It will still take place in the 1950s, in a world that rocks with big musical numbers from the period combined with new original songs as well.

Bob Greenblatt, WarnerMedia Entertainment’s chairmen announced the show on a conference in Cannes:

“We’re going to build out the world of this show which everybody loves, in that musical style, and build basically a ‘High Shcool Musical’ kind of experience that will be a big fun rock and roll musical,” Greenblatt said.

This new series will be produced by Paramount Television, Picturestart, and Temple Hill. Paramount Pictures is also developing a prequel to the original movie, titled “Summer Lovin”.



Marcus J. Ström
Marcus J. Ström
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